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I have 1 week. 13 math topics i need to master for a midterm exam.

Studied so hard but failed. What is wrong with me!!?:( Ugh, I just failed an exam that i studied so hard for, did every practise problem in my textbook, went to my teacher for help, and i felt so ready for the exam and it was just so much harder than my textbook. What am i doing wrong:( Am i just dumb?:( What is... show more

If the teacher has no evidence except for the fact that they saw me looking at the kid next to me's paper. If i deny everything and make a stupid excuse (even if the teacher knows its all bs), can they still get me in trouble. I know that their words are worth more than mine but if i refuse to admit, does that... show more

Best answer: Although half the global population has an IQ less than average, the rest of us do not. My IQ is 145 -- and I was officially tested and certified; were you? I'll wager I can hold my own with you in almost every situation. Those of us in Mensa spend a great deal of time and energy discussing, and studying,... show more

Best answer: not a really good one

I study really hard but still fail?

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It makes me feel so mad. I'll study for at least 5 hours everyday. I'll cancel plans during the weekend just so I can spend the day studying. I've tried different techniques to see which one works best for me, and I still do awful on tests. And it makes me so stressed out, especially when people tell me... show more

Some colleges don't require sat or act scores, and say that it doesn't impact their decision... but is that true? If i choose not to submit them, will they think "what went wrong" or that my scores must be really poor? How much lower of a score should I then say not to submit it.. like 100... show more

Best answer: No, thanks, I don't want to discuss it.

Best answer: psh, like zero. so many zeros. I never studied in high school.

Best answer: I'm Swedish, and even *I* know that Tommy Robinson's real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon. (And, as I know, I'm sure the Brits do, too)

Will people scream the word 'lesbian' at me? seeing as rainbow colours are associated with gay pride? i really want to wear them but im scared

Hi everyone!?

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I am a high school freshmen, and lately I have had a lot of trouble taking tests. On my latest quiz, I got one of the highest grades in my geometry class, but one week later, I got a whopping 53 on my test. I have been home schooled since the fourth grade, so I m not good at taking tests at all. I freeze up and... show more

Best answer: Use hooks. When you hear or see a certain phrase it brings the next to you. John Wayne became a Free Mason. My Prof was amazed at how he could read and remember. He did it using hooks It's how I memorize lyrics. I know over 1000 songs word for word. Every break every change. Make little songs in your head.... show more