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Is my neighbor upset with me?

7 answers · Florence · 4 days ago
I informed my neighbor that I will ave a fence put between out property which means no more they can come to use the slings in our yard without permission. She stopped talking with me. Should I worry that relationship wit them will get worse?

Best answer: What makes you think the seller's mechanic is going to tell you the truth? It's foolish to assume a complete stranger will be honest with you. A mechanic's inspection could mean the difference between buying a decent used car or a piece of junk. If you don't want to pay for an inspection, then... show more

Read: If Trump did something similar, many people would lose their sh*t. Yet these same people will vote for Joe Biden if he runs. It just goes to show how stupid people are.

PS. R u Italian?

4 answers · Milan · 1 year ago

I have also noticed desperation, insecurity, ridiculousness, assertiveness, mockery, and scorn. And all of this has been in the many questions, answers, comments of all the questions within the last hour? (in case any atheist wants evidence for this, they can simply examine the last hour of... show more