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Best answer: yeah usually little kids and old people. i’ve made 50 in cash before which isn’t too shabby

Did this female want to have sex with me ?

5 answers · Cuiaba · 4 days ago
I have a security guard I was driving to a golf cart on the job site. I was approached from the side by two females, one asking if she can get a ride in the golf cart because she did not want to walk. I told her no I could not do that, her reply to bad I wanted to ride you. I just took off.

Best answer: Yearly. Peace.

How to spend $25 in a week in college?

19 answers · Cuiaba · 2 weeks ago
Currently I'm living in a dorm with no fridge or kitchen at all. What can I buy to eat besides oats, cookies, and bread to eat?

Best answer: It can be great or terrible, depends on how much you are responsible in things like, cleaning, budgeting & taking responsibility for your own actions.

Which of these is least stressful/most realistic?

5 answers · Cuiaba · 2 weeks ago
a) Working 50 hours/week between 2 retail-jobs (cashiering). b) Working 40 hours/week as a bookkeeper. c) Starting an online business such as web-development, tech-support, bookkeeping, proofreading or ESL-tutoring. Thank You

Best answer: Not after the charity has taken their cut for all their hard work.

Do agree or disagree with companies who do this?

7 answers · Cuiaba · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: i think they should be honest about it and not lie about it

Is capitalism just a tool of the wealthy to enslave the common man?

31 answers · Other - Politics & Government · 3 months ago
Best answer: Yes

Nicknamey type names for a female character?

9 answers · Cuiaba · 3 months ago
I'm looking for names that would suit my character. She is a young delinquent punk woman in the 1980s and I want a name that reflects this. Short, nicknamey, trashy sounding is what I'm going for.