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Best answer: He is a useless piece of crap that lives in sh!thole LA.

Is May 21 mid or late May?

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Best answer: Late May. There's 10 days left until the end of the month, where as there's 21 days until the start of the month. So late.

Best answer: MONEY. They have Tenured Professors who must be paid. Even though the course is now useless, even out of date, somebody has to pay the wages. Tuition could be a lot less expensive if Only the Major was taught, and a shorter time to the degree too. European Universities already have cut the crap out educations.

Best answer: Please don't anyone report me. This is the last time I'll post something like this tonight. Thanx.          

Best answer: A. They are pathetic little wankers who have no life whose penultimate achievement is to troll the internet. Offering nothing, no content, devoid of meaning, purpose and reason B. Refer to A

What's 2+2?

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Best answer: If each represents a singular value from a continuous uniform distribution (say length of grass stems) and 0DP, then around 12.5% of the time it takes a value of 5, and 87.5% of the time 4. For discrete integer values, always 4. Above for base 10. In base 4, for example, the integer problem returns 10. In base 3,... show more

Best answer: I'm a November Scorpio. When I was 5 my dad gave me a puppy, I played with it but one day I strangled it..and I got a rush of excitement. In school I used to put laxatives in ppls lunches, set things on fire, vandalize my teachers cars. I peed on my teachers desk too. I was expelled from 6 schools. I killed... show more

Best answer: Not in the least. I can talk about any conceivable sex act with a straight face and be serious about it because I would be serious about it.

Best answer: Many a child has been beguiled by the devil and obsessed with the ways of this mundane existence.

How many days in 24 Hours???

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perfect i would say

Every day when I pick up my kids from preschool I see a parent leaving their two young children in the car, a baby and toddler while they go inside to pick up their older child from preschool. Usually it takes around five minutes sometimes longer if she's talking to other people. She leaves the car running with... show more

Did you have empathy as a kid?

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Best answer: There are gay athletes in every professional sports league. This isn't opinion, it's fact. Ideally, any gay athlete would have the support of his/her teammates/coaches/club management to come out, to a point where it's not seen as unusual and people just accept them. Meaning, they're not judged... show more