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Was princess Diana murdered?

12 answers · Royalty · 1 day ago
Best answer: she was hounded to death by paparazzi piers Morgans sh** and he is doing great being the vermin everybody loves to hate on TV and his sort flood England today the vermin hungry for sh** to stir that has left us in this terrible state we are in today it is not the good people that are the culprit and there are some... show more

Questions about white privilege?

10 answers · Limerick · 4 days ago
As an Uber driver, why would I go into a neighborhood where somebody just threatened me because of my job and who I have a contract to drive for ? As any driver, why would I go into a bad neighborhood with higher crime than the city, county, state or national average crime rates ? As an uber driver, why would I... show more

Best answer: Probably.

Other than emperor Putin's grace

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the staff don't smile?

11 answers · Other - Ireland · 7 months ago
There's this restaurant that i go to every once in a while in Ireland where im from, myself and my dad dress ourselves up and make the effort and drive out to enjoy a meal, and there's this waitress there and she reminds me of an American female cop that's giving me a ticket; she has the emotion of an... show more

Calculate diagonal of a rectangle 150ft x 250ft?

4 answers · Mathematics · 2 years ago

How do the british talk?

7 answers · Waterford · 2 years ago