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I’m currently at a good weight but I still think clothing looks better on thinner body frames so I’m planning on shedding about 15-20 pounds. The thing is that I’ll lose most of my breast and butt fat in this process and will most likely be on the “flatter” side. Do men find that ugly and unattractive??? I don’t... show more

Which one is less attractive?

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Need to get my hair an nails did but gots no munny **** TRUMP

What ethnicity do I look like?

9 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Pakistani.

Do you like ripped jeans?

15 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: It depends where they're ripped.

Best answer: If I had to be honest with my own opinion? Usually women with thinner, longer necks and small faces, small noses, petite features really. Thinner eyebrows, thinner, petite frame, narrow back, etc. So it can balance the hair out, having short hair like a pixie cut draws a lot of attention to the face shape so,... show more

I want an instagram but I m not photogenic at all and hate the way I look and seeing so many beautiful women on IG makes me feel worse about my looks cause I always end up comparing myself to them. Has anyone ever wanted to make an IG but felt to ugly?

Best answer: Hey- if it makes it feel better, sure, Why not?

Is my eye shape ugly?

26 answers · 6 days ago

I hate my looks?

3 answers · 56 mins ago
I’m 19, female and I look 12, I’m always told by everyone, I’m sick of it, it doesn’t help that I’m not conventionally attractive either, my face is asymmetrical, I have lots of beauty spots, I’m pale, I rarely even get compliments saying I’m pretty or anything. It’s the one thing that constantly makes me upset,... show more

Am I cute?

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Best answer: Depends on the person I believe but I'd say past 10 pounds, maybe 15 but that's pushing.

Why is she so ugly?

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