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Best answer: I'm in my 50's,and I remember one of my sister's teachers wearing minidresses,and fishnet tights, the vice principal wore red lipstick there too,no one said a thing. Wear what makes you happy.If all they have is to complain about your lipstick,you are lucky

What can I answer to this?

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When I’m wearing makeup at school younger children will come and ask me why I wear makeup. I really don’t know what to say. I usually just answer “Because im 15”. What would you say?

are they trying to be shady?

Teeth whitening = makeup?

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Best answer: Not really. makeup can get off by washing. teeth whitening can't.

Best answer: Yes, definitely I prefer the nude pink lipsticks instead of brown....just looks better on me.

without being labeled as racist for wearing "blackface" because it would look stupid without makeup.

Best answer: Wait a few days for it to fade, and stay out of the sun.

Makeup for 7th grade?

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Best answer: hii! in 7th, i wore a small amount of makeup. because its a lower grade, you dont want to overdue it. heres what i recommended!! - mascara!! makes your beautiful eyes pop. - blush! makes you look adorable - lip balm. a cherry on top!! youll look goregous, have fun in 7th grade ♡

6th grade makeup?

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my friend is in 6th grade and doesn't want her makeup to be visible really. she wants to use: concealer clear mascara lipgloss im in seventh grade and I only wear: blush clear mascara lip gloss im 12 and she will be 11 in a week or two. so what do you think? i personally dont think she actually needs... show more

blush clear mascara lip gloss eyeshadow clear mascara lip gloss or just clear mascara and lip gloss DONT BE MEAN!!! thx :)

What kind of mascara do you use?

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Best answer: I use a volumizing and separating mascara. (L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara)

Makeup routine? for a 12 year old?

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clear mascara light blush lip gloss does that sound ok? dont say 'none' or 'you're too young'

I always struggle finding a lipstick shade that doesn't look off/ clash with tops that are in the pink/red shade range. For ex-- a pink top would look off with a warm-toned red lipstick in my opinion.

7th grade makeup? is this too much?

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clear mascara lip balm/gloss blush or eyeshadow? which one all that sound ok? don t be mean please