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Do you like red lipstick?

12 answers · 8 hours ago
Best answer: I think it looks good on other people But it looks terrible on me

How to cover hickey?

8 answers · 18 hours ago
I have my brothers graduation tomorrow, me and my boyfriend got a little carried away and I have a huge hickey on my shoulder area and can’t figure out how to cover it, no foundation with me that matches my skin tone, only light coverage concealer... what do I do my parents will kill me and my bf tomorrow if they see

Best answer: pinky! it looks for natural, red lipstick looks too desperate!

I spend about 100$monthly which i dnt see as bad. Compared to other people who i see spend like 300$ . And i buy high end makeup and make sure i take care of it and make it worth. How much do you spend montly?

Any creative people out there?

6 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: "Jive After Five". Maybe Strawberry Pink Pantone?

i wonder if this hurts my social life

Best answer: Lancôme do the best long lasting lifting lash mascara, worth every penny I swear by it.

How much is 100 Cien Pesos?

4 answers · 1 week ago

Best answer: And there's your problem right there. It doesn't matter what boys think.

Best answer: No. You can like a product without liking the person. Also, what did he even do? He had a fight with a friend & they ranted online about him.. what he has done now is no worse than what he has done in the past, or any worse than other big beauty gurus. If you want it, then get it . IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT OTHER... show more

I suppose it's something either you like or don't like. I'm 23 and work as a cashier and lots of people give me compliments on my makeup. But there's an older man that says "What is all that crap on your eyes? You don't need it."

Best answer: They don't know how to apply makeup, usually. I had a friend in high school that used about a third a bottle of foundation when she made up her face.

Best answer: Middle left. It's clean and classy.

How do I shape my eyebrows?

7 answers · 2 weeks ago