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So what is so bad about dying?

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Im a hairy man, and I don't care if its consisted manly, I personally don't like it and it feels nasty and dirty, IMO. And my muscle definition is much more visible when I shave. But I'm sick of shaving, and spending money on expensive razors. I can't get the cheap ones cuz they don't work,... show more

Best answer: I was a little afraid to cut my hair because I wasn't sure if it would look good but I cut it last night and it actually looks pretty good haha. Plus even if I didn't like it, I know that it will always grow back :)

Best answer: Purple is the most complex color and has the most associations. Purple is the color of royalty, power, sexuality, fantasy and the world of Fairy (not gays, Faerie).

Best answer: Nobody cares in college. If people ask you about it, just tell them that your hair was bothering you so you shaved it off. Simple as that. Its also the middle of the semester and people are having mental breakdowns left and right, nobody will question you if you have a shaved head, they will assume that you had... show more

What color is your hair?

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Best answer: My hair is dark brown and it is short. ;)

I don't shave my legs. I know most of you gonna assume I'm gross but I honestly find it useless. Why should I shave them just for them to grow back thicker and darker? Plus it's kinda a waste of time to me when cause I'll just be doing it for other people To me its just hair. Am I the one who thinks... show more

What makes your hair grow faster?

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Best answer: nothing to be honest, i cant seenn to grow nnine past a certain lenght

Best answer: Applying food to hair does nothing. That's one of those old magazine beauty hints from like 100 years ago, when celebs gave 'hints' to readers to apply mayo and or eggs to hair for conditioning. Back then, most anyone would have had those ingredients in the kitchen. And, many folks living in rural... show more

Ok so when I was taking a shower I was completely shocked because on my left side of my shoulder literally has a long pice of white hair...i remember I pulled it out the first, but now it seems that long piece has grew back...what could it mean? I was told it was suppose to mean good luck

Also I wanna straighten my hair will thag make the bald spot worse

Best answer: no. that tapered tip is only formed from a fresh hair growth. look at your hair on your head or anywhere else on your body that has been cut or shaved. notice how the tips are blunt, not tapered? over time your eyelashes will fall out and new ones will grow in their place and those new ones will have the naturally... show more

My friend Abby has super long hair and other than not cutting it, the main thing she does is braid it all the time. She told me why it grows so fast is because of that. So now I'm trying. But is it true and how long will it take to grow. My hair is currently about an inch above my elbows.