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Best answer: If you keep it, he may be on the hook for child support and he may want parental rights.

My mum wants me to be partnered before I have a baby, I don't want this as I'm getting older, would like to have my first before I'm 40.

Best answer: well just cut ties,then when the babies born,put the guy you want on the birth card...tell them you think its his kid,

Didn’t use a Condom but I’m on the pill.?

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Didn’t use a Condom but I’m on birth control and take it at the right time everyday and have never missed one. What’s the chance I could get pregnant. If so should I get the morning after pill.

Thoughts on the name Geneva for a girl?

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Will you fight to save your country when it comes?

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My mom might find out i had sex with a guy help?

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OMG please help. I had sex with a guy a couple night ago at a party. He goes to the high school around me. I had no idea what I was doing i don’t know why i did it but he’s telling who whole school and snitches are trying to tell my mom. My mom would kill me if she found out I had sex at 13. I swear to jesus i am... show more

I’m really worrying about my girlfriend being pregnant?

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I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend at about 9 on a Saturday for maybe three minutes, before hand I used the bathroom twice. I didn’t *** and didn’t even have the urge to. The next day i bought her plan b and she took it about 32 hours after sex and I am seriously bugged if she’s pregenant or not, the concern... show more

Best answer: A shower is external and doesn't get anywhere near your uterus. Neither does urinating, which travels an entirely different pathway than sperm. So, while they may be good to help you feel clean, in no way do they reach the sperm. Your chances of getting pregnant on birth control pills when used as directed... show more

I believe the children she has are her sons or steps son she screams at them every morning and during the day you can hear her scream so loud she literally sounds like she’s being attacked or like she’s crazy. Sometimes you can hear the children cry, I recorded her a couple of times to show the parents but I never... show more

Am i pregnant?

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i had unprotected sex for a few minutes but then i used a condom. after that i started to have cramps like a period for two weeks and that never happens unless i’m on my period. yesterday i bled a little for a second it was like spotting. then it stopped. that never happens unless i’m getting my period and i didn’t... show more

What's a better name Jacob Or Noah?

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Best answer: I prefer the name “Jacob”.

What names would suit me?

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I'm changing my name and looking for names that would suit me.

Thoughts on the name Aspen?

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