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I am Pregnant with my first child. My husband is Ryan my step-daughter is Raelynn My name is Samantha and I would like to name our daughter with an S name so its even but we both like several other names as well and cannot decide. These are the names that we have narrowed it down to: Serena Odette Savannah... show more

What do y'all think of the name Jacob?

23 answers · Baby Names · 1 day ago

Do you prefer the name Alijah or Luke?

14 answers · Baby Names · 12 hours ago
Best answer: But isn't it spelt Elijah? Always good to be different though,so Alijah.

Does Jamaica Rose or Jamaica Omalette sound better?

24 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago
baby girl names

What do you think about the name Mimi?

13 answers · Baby Names · 8 hours ago
Is it too silly?

What do you think of the name Sidney for a boy?

24 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago
NOT for a girl 🤢 Sidney Michael? Our other choices: Eli, Charlie, Albert (Bertie) Opinions?

What do you think of the name River for a girl?

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Im really starting to like the name River for a girl it has really grown on me, what do you think of the name? also what middle name goes better with her full name, her surname will be Roberts. River Athena Roberts River Rose Roberts River Aisha Roberts (Family name) River Sienna Roberts Any suggestions are... show more

Does anyone think Millie is a silly name?

12 answers · Baby Names · 9 hours ago
Best answer: Millie is traditionally a nick only, usually for Mildred or Millicent. I actually like both of those names, but don't care for nicks, especially Millie.

Should a dog lick a baby ?

12 answers · Newborn & Baby · 10 hours ago
My inlaws dog licked my babys face all over and i dont know if it should ? She didnt have a reaction but i hated it and left . They thought it was just adorable a 250 lb golden husky in her face

Is it ok to bring a month old baby to the movie theater?

12 answers · Newborn & Baby · 10 hours ago
Best answer: No...people have paid good money to enjoy the movie without a screaming sprog spoiling it. Get a baby-sitter or stay at home.

Holly or Molly?

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So I broke up with my ex-girlfriend around a week ago, and she is the clingy type who will keep on texting you things after you've broken up such as: "I miss you, "I can't do this", etc. She also keeps on asking to call me, but I turn her down every time. She recently decided to tell me that... show more

I'm going to be delivering my daughter soon and like with her brother I won't be breastfeeding, it's NOT related to any medical issues I just never saw myself as the breastfeeding type of mom.