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What do you think of the name Brandy for a girl?

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I mostly always take my 9 and 11 year old into the public toilets with me. With the amount of creeps out there I don't think it's safe. However, today, I took my son into the toilet with me and an old lady yelled at me. Do you think it's ok and what age should a boy be allowed to use the loos alone?

Middle names for Harper??

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Something unique and very girly since harper can be for boy or girl !

What name is Jack short for?

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I got pregnant with my ex. I’m 27 and About 16 weeks at the moment with my first pregnancy. My ex is 35. He’s not a good partner and not supportive of my needs during the pregnancy. He is very selfish and has a hard time feeling any empathy for me like one night I felt very sick with morning sickness and he tried... show more

What name do you prefer, Nicole or Brenda?

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Is it hard to raise a baby?

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Is it hard work

Rush rips at your soul and owns you idiots.

Emilia Margaret Rowan or Emilia Rowan Margaret?

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Favorite ways to spell ariel?

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Arielle Ariel Airiel Aryel Ariyel Aurielle Aryelle

Would you let your 20 year old child live with you?

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Is the name "Maude" too old fashioned?

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Best answer: I personally don't think it's too old-fashioned. I used to dance with a girl named Maude, she does modeling stuff now. I call her Maude the model :D

Best answer: Just On that alone, no. If baby is social, pointing with finger, waving/gesturing, babbling different consonant sounds, imitating some actions and sounds, can understand simple phrases (ie where is your ball?) (bring me your book) and is cruising furniture than no I would not be concerned 9-18 months is the normal... show more

What do you think of the name Matthew?

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Best answer: Most of these are not names at all and the list of those that are usable as names is short Ally is usually used as a diminutive for names like Alexandra or Alana, not as a stand alone. Cherish could be excused as a 'virtue name'. Serene see above. True see above. Vera an established name which means faith... show more