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How dare immigrants and the politically correct idiots try and ban our traditions like that. I’m not even right wing. I just think it’s utterly proposterous.

Maybe they wouldn't be there if they weren't promised asylum by the Obama administration. Or maybe they're actually there because Hillary took all their $$. Who knows? But someone's gotta do SOMETHING about it.

I'm a Ukrainian citizen and i can enter france without visa for 3 months as a tourist , I don't have a high school diploma so i can't apply for a student visa and study there and i can't finish high school for my own reasons , so that leaves two options to get a residence permit either from work or... show more

Best answer: Must be their teeth.

Passport how do I get one?

6 answers · 2 days ago
I’m a American citizen ,18 years old and this is my first time traveling. Where do I go to get one ? I live in Milwaukee btw

Passport how do I get one?

6 answers · 2 days ago
I’m 18 years old getting my first passport where do I go? I live in Milwaukee

How to move out at 16?

9 answers · 18 hours ago
I m 16 and working full time / earning money. I can t claim to be estranged from my parents because even if we don t get along, I m not estranged. However I would like to move out and move on with my life (with my girlfriend of 16 as well) any ideas on how to rent under 18? Even if it s just a room. (We re both... show more

Best answer: We already have that. It's called the "14th Amendment".

Best answer: I agree. It's much harder to get used to new things and ideas when you're older than when you're younger. It's like you trying to speak a new language at a native level - It'll take you way longer than a little kid, and that's why most people who can speak many languages are very young -... show more

Best answer: Probably. .

Her UK student VISA will expire soon, and she will look to obtain a standard tourist VISA so she can stay longer. I don't know the legalities of finding a job in the UK for foreign, non EU citizens. Can she actively look online for a job? Could anyone advise what the best solution is to keep her in the... show more

How can my husband get a PR?

7 answers · 4 days ago
I'm a Canadian citizen but I married a non-citizen while abroad. I want to know if it's possible for my Husband to get a PR even though I'm not living in Canada at the moment. The thing is we spoke to a guy who owns a certified immigration agency in both Montreal and in the country we're in, and... show more

Best way to move to US from UK?

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Best answer: No, I think if you dig wells you will have far to go to find water

So, I've been living in Chicagonforn4 years now and feel welcomed and alone all at once. I'm a working class boy from a block of flats in a run down part of London and left school at 16. Thisnis quite normal back home, but not here. A lot of americans try to educate me on my country and how nobody is poor... show more

Best answer: To get asylum, an applicant needs to prove 5 things: 1. outside his country of nationality - that’s easy 2. afraid of going back 3. owing to a risk 4. of being persecuted, i.e. death or the threat of death, torture or the threat of torture, false imprisonment or the threat of it; and other *serious* human rights... show more

Best answer: All countries require foreign nationals to have permission - called a visa - to enter the country. A visa can be temporary or permanent. So first get a temporary visa to visit Canada. Then while you are there consult an immigration lawyer as to what you have to do to qualify for permanent residence - i.e. a... show more