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Not deporting these illegals back to their countries, why will they be releasing over a thousand of illegals over this weekend into the country? What is going on with Trump? Is he to blame for this or is it because of Congress? I have been a strong supporter of Trump, but as of late I am starting to question my... show more

Best answer: Yeah, property prices go up based on demand, and the mega rich can simply pay more, drive prices up, and drive rent up as well, to cover the prices they just increased, and then they have a monopoly on real estate. Either wages have to be tied to house prices and rent, or property prices, and taxes have to be... show more

My grandparents were from Portugal and they came to the USA LEGALLY. They did it the LEGAL way, they got their papers and everything way back then, which Im assuming must have not been a simple process for them. So I dont understand why some people are so in favor of being okay with illegal immigration, almost... show more

Best answer: That is sometimes true but not most of the time. However, Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe because of the hundreds of thousands of muslims they admitted over the past decade or so. Their "faith" says muslim men can commit rape under a number of circumstances. ... show more

How long can he stay if we marry?

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So I have a boyfriend from Finland. He will becoming to America to visit but going to get married possibly. If he marries me a permanent US Citizen does that mean he can stay longer than his 90 Days limit? I'm new to this all and been trying to research.

I live in Pennsylvania, undocumented. I have an American girlfriend, and I was wondering if I go to Canada with my Mexican passport and marry there, can I ask for the green card in the US embassy there?

Country A - Birthright citizenship (Must be born on countries soil) Country B - Bloodline Citizenship Country C - Bloodline Citizenship This whole question is hyopthetical and is unlikely to actually happen but similar cases could happen. -A mother and father are citizens of Country A. -The mother gives birth to... show more

Non documented person?

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Best answer: In my state (Louisiana), someone who is operating a motor vehicle on a public road or street who has no identification must be arrested and taken to jail. Louisiana is not a "sanctuary" state and perhaps where the accident happened is one.

I have no high qulifications except school ones and a introduction to fashion and textiles course. Please help me. Not a job that will be extra tough on my body like hard labour factory jobs. Thank you

My family is from Mexico I'm just talking from personal experience so please don't take offense. Like my parents, many immigrants say they move to the USA to give their kids a better life, ironically so many of these kids grew up to be in jail, dead, bad parents or messed up. Only a small handful that... show more

Best answer: You must meet all requirements for a student visa, of course. You must be accepted by a US university, and prove you (& your parents) have sufficient funds for all school + living expenses + return transportation to your own country. Expect to prove you have at least USD50,000/yr for 4 years for a lower-cost school... show more

Best answer: Sweetheart, do you realize that the majority of people in this section are trolls or unhappily married spouses? Nobody can answer this question for you; we are not border control. It sounds like you're already in touch with who you need to be in touch with if they're "giving you a hard time." Why... show more