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Best answer: It shouldn't be. If we deported all illegals (including DACA) then hardened our borders so that far fewer can enter, there would be no debate.

Best answer: The same way he deals with all those North Koreans who say anything or are suspected of saying anything against him or his regime, imprisonment without trial in concentration camps or kill them.

Best answer: I believe you are a natural born citizen of country A. However, many countries allow duel citizenship so you could also be a citizen of Country A & B.

Best answer: Why aren't you in Doucheland like your god's grandpa? Or is there a war and he won't fight in it .. ps: You might want to work on your punctuation, I know first-generation Mexicans better at English than you. Little wonder you hide anonymously. Are you in mommy's basement while she is making a... show more

Best answer: Russia is one of the easiest places to immigrate. All you have to do is to apply, then go to the US Embassy in Moscow to renounce your US citizenship and you will be eligible to get Russian citizenship in 7 years or sooner if you marry a Russian. The US will not allow you to renounce citizenship unless you leave... show more

Best answer: Indian-American

Please don't feel offended, I'm actually curious and would genuinely like to know, why do many people support illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities if it's know ...illegal? If you're going to let them in without legal processes then shouldn't we just get rid of the whole legal... show more

Best answer: When you say 'a solicitor' do you mean someone who has completed the training and is now employed by a firm in the UK? If you do, then the firm you work for will handle your transfer. You will need to pass the Bar exam and fitness test in the state where they wish you to work. Easiest is to transfer to... show more

Best answer: Tell them you're being persecuted for your Muslim faith.

find them. Who keeps asking why we do NOT crack down on employers? Do they keep up with the current century at all? .

Best answer: Depends on what culture you identify with the most.

My Argentinian friend was told he doesn't 'look' like he is from Argentina because he is White. I don't understand. What do Americans think people look like in Argentina?

Automatically, there is a barrier between people who don’t speak the same language. Thus, I have determined that children and their children will also pledge allegiance to another country in the EU, but what are you going to do about it?

Immigrants from all parts of the world seem to be trying to push me and other British people out of our country, they claim they can do things better than us which explains why they fled their living conditions instead of "making their own country better". They have it easy here and we will not back down.... show more

Hello, I d love everyone s opinion and experience on if it is difficult for an international girl from China to get a career job in Canada with limited English proficiency. The love of my life I met in Canada and want to know if we can actually make it in this economy/society. Thanks

Are white americans english people?

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Best answer: No, as you say they are Americans, where their ancestors came from depends on each of them researching, certainly their ancestry would not have all come from one country in the UK...... more likely dozens of countries across Eupore