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Best answer: A GOOD AMOUNT. I HONESTLY, KNOW A COUPLE PEOPLE WHO TRIED TO DO THIS AND I ALSO KNOW SOME WHO TRIED TO DO IT TO OTHERS. BUT THE SIGNS WHO STAND OUT, and who are so bad with it that even the famous ones in the media are known for it: MOST FAKEST AQUARIUS Omarosa backstabbing President Trump after begging him for... show more

Im an aries and ik damn well we the realest most honest people out there.

Best answer: it's the hobgoblin of little minds. Both my brothers were the same sign, and they could not have been more different in every single last aspect of their lives. so any description of what their sign was suppose to be like........would fit one but not the other, at all.

Best answer: Happy Birthday! A thousand blessings! Eat sweets if you have some pocket change or play games. Do what makes you happy. You are your own most special person and this should mark a joyous occasion in your life. Regardless, I truly hope your day is wonderful!

What happens if you hurt a Gemini?

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Best answer: No. But the movie was good.

I don't. I'm Aries female but Aries men are annoying, too loud and just plain rude.

Leo and Aquarius? Yes or No?

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Best answer: One would surely be considered mentally unstable under those parameters of understanding and action. This means the same crazed individual could be PRO or ANTI Sun signs or Astrology.. just as easily, as pro or anti Religion, Christian, Muslim, Black, White, etc. The point is, the mental instability was already a... show more