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The more I think it's real.Why is that?

Best answer: You’ve put it in the most relatable words! I know what you’re talking about. I’m sorry you have to deal with such...you know. In their defense, immature unevolved Cancer women behave like this. The issue is within the individuals you’ve encountered. You can sense a bit of jealousy in mature Cancer women, but... show more

Opinion on water signs (zodiac)?

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Horoscope is not real?

15 answers · 2 days ago
Change my mind

Best answer: I like astrology but honestly that sounds like most people lol

Astrology is fake?

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Guess my zodiac sign ?

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Are aires worser than pisces??

9 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Aries ARE worse than pisces.

I never seen an arrogant leo?

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Best answer: Speaking personally, I have never seen an arrogant Leo either. And I have been doing astrology since 1972. They want attention, but I have not seen this in an arrogant way. Many people with Sun in Leo try to get attention by being kind, generous and warm. Oh, they can get offended . .they DO have pride, and they... show more

Capricorn holds the image of the Zodiac's father and caps are obsessed with legacy and with proving and winning and power. Scorpio loves this about Caps. Wanna know why? Scorpio envies taurus, their zodiac opposite. Taurus has the power to create. And this is very important. We live in the physical world.... show more

Best answer: Virgo woman are unforgettable for Royal Leo man Also Cancer woman can be too!

Why is astrology such nonsense?

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Who invented it?

Aries or Leo? Who do you prefer?

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Best answer: jeremy bieber and pattie mallete is an example

Pisces man or Virgo man to date?

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