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Which Zodiac do you like and dislike?

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Me: Aries ❌ I dont like Aries, being one myself I cant stand them Taurus ❌ They are too stubborn, bossy and annoying Gemini ❌ They are two faced and fake, also kinda mean Cancer ✔️ They are the sweetest and kindest. I love them!! Leo ✔️ They are great, laid back and kind Virgo ✔️ They are smart, good listeners... show more

Best answer: Sag with Cap ascendant. Don't even feel the cold lmao. So yeah

Born in 25/05/1990 @11.30pm birth place karnataka india, Horoscope details: Capricorn ascendent with saturn and rahu in lagna, 3rd house Mars, 4th house venues and mercury, 5th house sun and moon, 6th house jupiter and 7th house is ketu. I m 28 years now. How will be my career? When will be my marriage? How... show more

I'm Libra and my love interest is Aries.

Which zodiac signs are unemotional ?

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I know that everyone has emotions.I just wonder which zodiac signs are less emotional than the rest ?

Best answer: You can bring out the positive aspects of capricorn. History is filled with some lovable capricorn s such as Martin Luther king, vivekanand, Jim Carrey, our beloved prime minister atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Do you believe in horoscopes?

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Scorpio, Aquarius, Cancer, Gemini

Best answer: Libra Scorpio Sagittarius

Mention your both signs

Can Libra moons be trusted?

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What's something you love doing?

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Best answer: Lately it’s been going on hiking tours, it’s very uncomplicated,can be dangerous but peaceful and adventurous at the same time.

Best answer: Tomorrow night for me.

and does it effect them differently. I have 2 rats 2 cats a dog and a wife

Best answer: I have lived always as an scripnion and once day was an scroipo. Is possib.

genetics says qualities of a child are determined by the qualities of the parents, whereas astrology says qualities of a person are determined by the date,time and place of birth of the person. does astrology outweigh genetics...can someone reply to this