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I was pulling down a skinny road and a car really didn’t give me much room. We passed each other, but now i got a feeling i could have bumped them and not realized it? I’m new to biking so surely if we hit I’d know it! Right? Or I’m i crazy lol

2006 Honda cbr1000rr?

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The oil change could be so simple, but the oil plug is stripped and stuck. What can I do

so my car recently got totaled someone ran the light and t'boned me in the intersection. don't have any mode of transportation atm so im still looking around. i eventually want to get my motorcycle license and looking around they are not too pricey compared to some cars that i considered purchasing. i... show more

Best answer: Typically: full stop, feet down. Going uphill: full stop, left foot down.

Best answer: I'll check every R6 manufactured in 2018 for design and manufacturing defects. Glad to help.

Bike ran low on oil?

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so I bought a bike didn't inspect the oil didn't know where to check figured it looked like new being a 99 and having 26k miles. I bought the bike drove it home 10 miles then another 10 miles before getting ready to change shaft oil , an motor oil. I found the sight glass an it was empty. filled It with... show more

Just got a brand new bike, never risen before so im doing back roads to get the hang of it. I came to a busy intersection with a light, didn’t even think to turn around before i got There. I was Turning left as others passed beside me, when there was no cars i just Went didn’t even look at the light. It could have... show more

Best answer: A moped, a mini bike, or a dirt bike are all good starter bikes. If you've had them its in the blood. For the street a 300 cc is big enough to see what it feels like avoiding automobiles from running over you. Avoid getting on freeways or a heavy traffic high ways. You have to be awear of your seroundigs 360... show more

So ive got a 650 watt 24v scooter, it seems like it makes too much noise. The throttle usually responds fine but at random moments the throttle will completely do nothing for upto a minute. It is a variable throttle. Please help me with this thank you.

How do you buy a motorcycle?

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I live in Massachusetts and i want to buy a motorcycle today. I don’t have a permit or license as iv never owned one. So how does it work? Can i finance One? Would i have To get my permit first and register it right away? Any info helps thanks

Yamaha R6 and R1?

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Do they both give same MPG?

Are eletrical bikes legal ro drive ?

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