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If you were a 60-year-old man in 2019, and your brother sadly passed away in the 1980's, with no kids....and in 2019, your daughter takes one of those ancestry DNA tests for fun, and finds out that your brother had an unknown adult child...would you want to know? Or would you rather keep that chapter (with your... show more

Best answer: DNA tests are amazingly accurate. I found out about a cousin I never knew I had after she had a DNA test done, and found that of all the people who had also had the test, her closest relative was my father! Turns out her mom was given up for adoption as a baby, and none of us knew about it. The mother, who was... show more

I didn't know him because he died way before I was even born. He was a stillborn, I'm pretty sure. I don't know his name, but I do know his grave is located next to my grandmother's. I really want to find him and know more about him, but I don't even know if there are obituaries of stillborn... show more

Where are your ancestors from?

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Best answer: A lot of places. I have ancestors that have been in what is now the U.S. since colonial times. I also have ancestry on my father's side from Ireland. Also some German ancestry and Jewish ancestry from Prussia Poland on my maternal grandfather's side. . I had a Choctaw great great grandmother. I... show more

Best answer: Old newspapers on microfilm in the public library. Old newspapers on microfilm at major university libraries, like UC Berkeley and Yale., but you have to subscribe., but you have to subscribe. Library of Congress (free)

Can I call myself Italian?

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I m a 16 year old girl and my grandma is full Italian, making me 25 percent Italian. Can I call myself Italian or would that be offensive to people who are 100 percent...? I know some people get upset over that type of stuff. I've read online about some situations where people call themselves German or... show more

Best answer: I doubt whether one email is going to make them feel stalked - if they don't reply and you keep emailing them then thats harrassment but one email wont hurt. Most people are quite interested to hear from distant relatives. I do genealogy mysef and have been contacted by people I have never heard of before who... show more

Adams is one of my tall African American basketball boyfriend I do have while Hansen is my white tall friends surname whose ancester is of course from Denmark. Is Hansen really as popular surname as Johnson and Smith and Wilson? Is Adams also as popular as Johnson and Wilson and Smith regardless of ethnicity... show more

Best answer: You'd have to ask the testing services whether their testing samples include extensive DNA from Native Americans. IF it is true that Native Americans are not providing DNA samples to and the other testing services, it may be because they KNOW what their ancestry is and don't need DNA testing to... show more

Is Brewster a Jewish surname.?

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Best answer: Jews can pretty well have any surname, Yes, the Talmud defines a Jew by the mother and in addition Reform Jews state you must be of the Jewish faith. However anybody who converts to Judaism is considered Jewish. So it won't always show up in the DNA, even Mitochondrial DNA. Surnames in themselves are a... show more

What hospital was my mom born in?

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shes from Ohio