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When is a laptop considered to old to be of any good use?

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I bought a 2GB stick of ddr2 to install in my desktop a couple of weeks ago which upgraded the pc from 2 to 4GB of RAM. When I check the system information, it says 4GB is installed but only 2.5GB is available to use, why is it saying this?

I plan on upgrading my PC by switching the motherboard, the cpu, and the ram, while keeping the same graphics card and hard drive. I'm wondering if it would be possible to unplug the hard drive, replace the parts, and plug the same hard drive into the new mother board and having no problems or complications.

Is PNY a good brand for flash drives?

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they are MUCH cheaper than Sandisk

Best laptop for college?

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I have a low budget but I need a new laptop for college. Definitely nothing over $500, preferable nothing over $250. Basically, I need it to be: -lightweight (for portability) -long battery life -have access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. -good internet speed -2 or more USB ports I don't need a... show more

for example, headphones and speakers...are they considered input or output?

Will Norton work on my Acer Chromebook 15 ?

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Am Iable to use my Chromebook anywhere?

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Can I add two 8gb ram sticks that are exactly the same?

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Low resolution,high fps or high resolution low fps?

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Best answer: For most applications the BEST monitor would be a 1440p 144hz with either gsync or freesync (based on your video card) that will make any stutters in fps seamless.

Aby ideas or recommendations for a cheap laptop with a webcam?

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Something is wrong with my webcam on my laptop. Whenever i try to use it it notifies me to plug it in. One of my college cpurses is conducted via web sessions,so I just need a cheap replacement for now just for that purpose. Right now I am using my ipad, but I prefer a laptop

Why would my laptop still be slow after reset?

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Can someone help me find the cheapest computer?

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Minimum requirements: 8gb ram on graphic card, 12gb memory and 3,4 ghz processor.