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Would my mom notice if i did this?

10 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 3 days ago
Best answer: i wouldnt do that, thats stealing, you wouldnt want sorneone to do that to you so do unto others, if you want it offer to do extra chores for it, i wouldnt steal , that can get you into trouble big tirne , including jail

Is YouTube dying?

10 answers · YouTube · 11 hours ago

Should I be pissed off at someone who is always ignoring me on Facebook Messenger, and who blocks me whenever I try to friend them, and if they are mad at me and get mad at me, do I have a reason to say you either be nice to me and stop being mean to me or I will call the police on you for your meanness, and can I... show more

How to search anonymously the internet ?

17 answers · Other - Internet · 4 days ago

When is 6g coming out?

11 answers · Other - Computers · 3 days ago

How to upgrade a computer?

9 answers · Desktops · 14 hours ago

Which OS do you prefer, MacOS or Windows? Why?

8 answers · Polls & Surveys · 1 day ago

Best answer: The more activity you have had on the disk, the less likely it would be that folks could find it. However, there are circumstances for which recovery MIGHT be possible. The more time that has passed, and the more non-picture activities you have had, the less likely such recovery would be. However, there is no... show more


17 answers · Software · 3 days ago

What was jfks wife's name?

7 answers · Wikipedia · 11 hours ago
Does he have a Wikipedia

Windows 10 constantly freezes?

10 answers · Software · 4 days ago
Best answer: Do it again, but before you reinstall it, make sure you dskchk the hard drive and format it first before you do. That way, there aren't any bad sectors.

My brother say my google search?

8 answers · Google · 1 day ago
i had “my vagina smells like sweat” on my google search and my brother saw it and i’m so embarrassed. what do i do

Best answer: Edge is garbage. There is a reason no one uses it.

Why does the internet feel so empty these days?

16 answers · Other - Internet · 5 days ago

How can I get free wifi?

6 answers · Computer Networking · 3 hours ago

Why do apple products suck so much?

6 answers · Desktops · 11 hours ago
Bought an Imac worse decision I ever made. The mac mini was way better and more solid than imac.

Can anyone answer this?

7 answers · Facebook · 2 days ago
Can anyone answer this?? Why would Facebook have you unfollow someone without you actually pressing the button unfollow? Does that mean they unfollowed you and it automatically did it to you?

I need help?

22 answers · Scanners · 6 days ago