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Best answer: It means they havent deleted old voicemail messages and cant leave any more to them till they do

Best answer: its called VOIP I use Obihai as my landline. I payed for the box once and its free for life as long as I have internet and a free callcentric account you can get multiple phone numbers with google voice It might have been simply screen sharing

Apple Or Samsung?

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Question about getting a phone??

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if i buy a phone but stop paying the bill after i get it, do i still keep the phone or not???

Water-logged iPhone 7 Plus??

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Hi! So I was snorkeling in a lake and found a rather new iPhone 7 Plus about 7 feet down. I have been drying it and the SiM card out for about 2 hours and plugged it in. The phone is still working, but as the phone is not mine, I don't know the password to fix it on Itunes. Any suggestions?


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I want to get a phone, but I'm not very familiar with all of them. What do you guys recommend?

Best answer: Take it away until the class ends.

I’m 17 years only and at 10pm the WiFi automatically turns off and my mom takes my phone and computer to charge in the kitchen is this fair I’m 18 in 2 months and feel I should be allowed to keep my phone overnight even if the WiFi is disconnected I will admit up until about a year ago I used to stay on my phone... show more

Best answer: Depends on the home stereo. The iPhone 8 came with an adapter that goes from USB-C/Lighting to 3.5" stereo (female) because it does not have an in-built 3.5mm headphone plug. If you don't have that, then that is part #1. Part #2 will be something that connects the 3.5mm (female) stereo connector to the... show more

How can I track a location ?

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I purchased a used iphone 6 on ebay knowing about the icloud lock prior, thinking i was able to restore it (no knowledge on it whatsoever) and now im stuck with an unusable phone :( please is there any way to get passed this so i can put a line on this phone.. dfu mode?? REAL websites? Im determined to find a way

Do texts stay on sim cards?

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if i put my sim card is in someone else’s phone, do all my texts show up?

How do I change my mobile number?

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Best answer: Eventually it will probably happen, but you'll still need both for the foreseeable future.