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Could an amateur rebuild a 5.0 coyote?

8 answers · Ford · 1 day ago
I have a mustang, ive always wanted to go to the junkyard and get another 5.0 to tear down and rebuild with upgrades internals to handle a set of turbos or a supercharger (would leave the tuning up to a local shop) while leaving my mustang in drivable condition in the mean time. I also have a little backup beater... show more

Best answer: price charles would beat him with his floppy ears

Chevy truck will roll over will; not start?

5 answers · Chevrolet · 21 hours ago
no spart to plugs

Where can i find the VIN number for the 2002 lancer?

6 answers · Mitsubishi · 3 days ago

I saw a bike that had a flashlight in the front. It would turn on everytime you pedaled, and turn off when you stopped. The flashlight was powered by a little motor connected to the tire. Can an electric car charge its own battery that way too?

Do I need to just buy the remote and reprogram it? Where do I buy that and how do I do it?

I am having a friend replace my transmission and he told me a week. I have a full time time, school and etc so I need to be driving, he slacks off really hard so I was wondering how long does it normally take to remove the transmission and install one? Because like I said he slacks off really bad and I'm going... show more

Best answer: It doesn't look that way, no. And that's just one sector of the industry that's going to be devastated.

Do I need to be tall to drive a Camaro?

9 answers · Chevrolet · 1 week ago
Best answer: no you don't and your not short

Best answer: You need the kit as bulbs alone will not work.

What was the retail price of a vw beetle in 1970?

7 answers · Volkswagen · 7 days ago