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Is this price for a Honda too much?

6 answers · Honda · 6 hours ago
an 08 Honda accord and they are asking 8000.

I looked up the towing capacity and it is 1500 pounds.

I haven't had the car for a month yet. Light was blinking at first, like 8 times then it would go off. Now it stays on as I drive. What does it mean? Oil change?

Are Japanese brands going to follow the trend soon too?

Factory warranty cover on a Pontiac 2010 G6?

5 answers · Pontiac · 1 day ago

My 2004 Nissan Maxima won't start?

4 answers · Nissan · 7 hours ago

I must’ve been drunk the other night and moronically forgot about the keys inside the trunk before I had closed it. I’m able to get inside the cabin and unlock the doors since my drivers side window is smashed for some reason and that there is power to the whole vehicle.

Its the 1st time im seeing such things & am very intrigued by it. Was in my boss's BMW & everytime the car comes to a stop the engine would die off, but when its time to move off, it would automatically start up again. I dont know what she (boss) does....maybe release the brake pedal or something &... show more

I am fixing up my 05 Jeep liberty and noticed that when the wheel is turned all the way one way or the other, I have to give a significant amount of gas before it starts to crawl forward. Anybody know why/ how to fix this? I have a friend who is having the same issue with his old truck so I am assuming its not a... show more

2010 Accord EXL have a timing chain or belt?

5 answers · Honda · 2 days ago

Where is my engine coolant going?

8 answers · Audi · 5 days ago
I have a Audi a6 c5 4.2 ever so often I have to add coolant because the reservoir is near empty I don't see any spots on the ground where it could have leaked also check the oil and and its looks clean as if I just put it in. Where could the coolant be going to?

Are mini coopers reliable ?

9 answers · Other - Car Makes · 6 days ago