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Best answer: Nothing, Ted. Shalom.

Best answer: It's no secret the rep politicians get far fewer donations but the ones they get are significantly larger. Rep policy consistently panders to the elite and powerful. It's compensation for the donations. Thus, follow the path back to the foundation for the answer to why corruption. We need campaign and... show more

I'll sure will be glad when Obama's Russian collusion in bugging political offices is exposed and Obama goes to jail, won't you my Nationalist America loving friends? Then Obama can repay the $80 billion he stole from his University of Phoenix stock price fixing scam, Right?

Best answer: Tribal Thinking and they like having their feelings riled up while being told they are 'special'

Best answer: Someone who won't change their mind and won't change the subject.

Best answer: It is a HUGE scam jsut like AOC's whole run for Congress has been found to be. The leftists who support it are either lying or ignorant.