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Best answer: There is a financial disclosure form that is just for that. It's 197 pages of companies he has interest in. Guess what? No one has found anything worth reporting yet.

health care and then all the standard lies like 13 angry Democrats, etc etc.

Best answer: No, we all know how dumb Starbucks is. Stupid is as stupid does. No need to take to the streets like the snowflakes at Berkeley. Vote with your dollar.

i heard in thailand, vietnam, china, phillipines, korea, they eat things like snake, dog, spiders, cats, monkey, weird little amphibians, rats. etc. why are they so weird and uncivil?

Best answer: Elizabeth Warren is a phony. The Cherokee Nation itself has officially rejected her claims to be a Native American. Trump mockingly calls her Pocahontas, and she is indeed a joke even if Trump's humor isn't funny. I think it is fitting.

Best answer: Yeah, for him and his buddies. Everybody else is SCREWED.

Best answer: I'm afraid so. His incompetence and corruption is causing a downhill process in America.

Best answer: Those cake shop owners are typically evangelical, so they can just pray for their hearts to get better, right? And since they all 'know' they're going to heaven when they die, why would they even want heart surgery in the first place? Isn't that just delaying God's will?

Best answer: The lyin

Best answer: I suspect his supporters refuse to read or listen to anything negative. All they care about is that he is a Republican.

Best answer: Vote the democrats out of office and it resolves several issues. One of which is Honduran illegal aliens assaulting this country. Get rid of the crazy democrats who claim it is their right to assault this country.

This business about that fat obese Turk who was cut to a kebab has been in the headlines. Why should we care about these Turks? I would much rather we heard more of the queen. We just need to take their oil, gold and rob Arabia of its wealth and keep all the Iraqis out of Europe, send the Zionists who are flooding... show more