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Best answer: depends on what else theyre doing

Best answer: Trump. Bush was a pretty bad president as well(Invasion of Iraq, failure in Afghanistan, Gitmo, Bagram Airbase, Scooter Libby scandal, Katrina, faltering economy, the list can go on) but at least he had a major accomplishment on the issue of reducing AIDS in Africa. Trump has accomplished almost zip that's... show more

Is this chick a democrat?

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Best answer: cons are nothing if they cannot hate


Best answer: If that statement is true then those Top Democrats are at the pinnacle of insanity. That fact stated, Trump will Always be our 45th President. If the Demon-rats ever actually overturn the American Voters choice for President the next President will be # 46.


Are the French tired of socialism?

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Can you imagine those bull women in prison and their jaws dropping and their P dripping when ivanka walks in. They’ll have a field day with her, Christmas morning like they’re 6 years young again. And trump going into Sandusky’s cell and the bliss our fellow American citizens can have having their wayyu

Best answer: No. She'd have to run again in a new election campaign.

Brexit, What just happened?

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Best answer: Incompetence at the highest levels.

Best answer: Trump hasn't accomplished anything good or positive for the American people.

Best answer: Try to drink a gallon of milk in an hour.

Draw a line about a mile from the White House, then, ready, on your mark, get set....RUN!!! First one to get to the White House gets to be president! And gets a nice, cool, drink..