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Best answer: Ask putin, netanyahu, businessmen from Russia / Saudi Arabia / China etc and gutless republicans.

Best answer: because they are worst and strangely proud of it. When they heard Trump say he'd like to bang his own daughter instead of being appalled cons just grinned and thought "I'd hit that!"

Don't vote Democrat

Best answer: No and not only sexual assault but anything that makes them look bad. Your simple question made one feel like crying so he moved it to camcorders

Best answer: they should be jailed for perjury yes .. but their lawyers are carefully keeping them from situations that would allow that if your paying attention .. they would already be in jail if they were testifying under oath with a prosecutor asking questions ..

Professor Ford was the first woman to come forward, and Michael Avenatti claims to have an entirely separate client. A Yale Professor reportedly advised female students on how to look "model like" to get a Kavanaugh clerkship. The Dean of Yale Law has stated that the report alleging a professor grooming... show more

Best answer: No.

Best answer: The worst president in the world, probably not. But the worst president of all time in the USA.....without a doubt.