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Best answer: They arent concerned with that. They really just want to punish the woman for having sex with a guy that's not them

This is for political science.

It seems like there are some areas in the US that get flooded every few years. Why don't people who live there just have their homes raised off the ground a few feet to keep their property safe?

Why is Europe the only place forced to be more "diverse' and take in non-whites. Why can't Europe stay European? You know what? You are destroying diversity by trying to eliminate Europeans. Sick people

Islamic fundementalists recruited struggling Syrians left behind by a corrupt government who then attempted to return the country to a bygone era destroying it in the process. Capitalist fundementalists recruited struggling Brits left behind by a corrupt government who then attempted to return the country to a... show more

You are with us or against us.

Best answer: NO. Michele Obama was BORN a male.

Best answer: They do appear to be in somewhat of a tailspin.

Best answer: NOT shocked at all. Remember, Liberal Colleges are run by brain dead, liberal, Left Democrats who only want Socialism....therefore, they shove stupidity down their throats to the point they have no idea what they're doing and no identity at all.

Best answer: It's always best to ask strangers on the internet what you should do in life and how you should think. Good job. Before the internet, you had to go to the Greyhound bus station and ask strangers what you should do, and the airport and bus stop.

Best answer: Because well-regulated social policy is better than poorly-regulated corporate favoritism. If you can spend your life doing whatever you wish with the support of the government behind you because the government KNOWS it will eventually turn a profit on you, you tend to be much happier. And this means the society... show more