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Best answer: He lied, just do some research. He even lied that its being built right now. Like he lied about everything else.

Best answer: Stupid. They'll change when they get some hair on their pubes.

In a Democratic plot to have them come to the united states? Are Cons really this crazy?

That way you can't lose!

Best answer: 100%!

Best answer: I think it's going to piss a lot of people off when the "caravan" which should be called INVADERS reaches the border and crosses over the day before the election, and the Border Patrol can't stop them without using deadly force. This one thing, could be the end of the Democrat Party or the... show more

Best answer: Democrats will say it was Russia.

Best answer: Now, we know why Donald makes all of his mistresses and wives sign a nondisclosure agreement. Any woman who has sexual fantasies about Donald has to be cognitively disabled and really desperate. Even Stormy Daniels found him physically repulsive. when she walked out of the bathroom and found him naked. The... show more

Best answer: Yes, compared to that scumbag lying piece of $hit hillary, Nixon would be considered a very honest man.

There were 75,000 at the Toyota Center in Houston last night