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Have you ever smoked weed before?

50 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: don't do addictive drugs. be smart. i've done grass, quite a lot. it seems that grass is not really a very strong drug, compared with heroin or meth, mdma, and barbiturates. i have taken a lot of psychedelics, and grass is mildly psychedelic when compared to the much, much stronger drugs of LSD, mescaline,... show more

Best answer: I'd be sad. Ed Krok started the Golden Arches "M" in his Phoenix location, so McDonald's is a state institution here in AZ. I wouldn't miss Jack in the Box...small portions, iced coffee is All ice, they lay off workers when they are One Day from being fully vested.

Legally, Can My Mother Do This?

26 answers · 3 days ago
I just recently turned 18, and previously have been in psychiatric care for depression and a suicide attempt then later treatment for an eating disorder. Also being diagnosed with a cannabis use disorder I had been and still am heavily monitored, drug tested, etc and have been caught multiple times for using. Now,... show more

How to survive a workplace cult?

14 answers · 5 hours ago
Before any of your smartalics respond with "leave"--that is not an option. I am independent thinker and strong-willed. I have to build up my resume and I can't leave this position, which is unfortunately part of a cult. People are really fake and they do not want to hear the truth. I can't hide... show more

Best answer: Also New York State. And probably others.

Who s at fault?

7 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Insurance can't blame a passenger for anything. He was in a stopped car. He wasn't driving. As such the system blames the driver of his car

ability -- to make money-- through book deals or media interviews if they accuse someone of a felony. Of course, they can give media interviews and write books, but they just cant make any money from it. This will help stop people falsely accusing others of a serious crime -- just to become wealthy. What are... show more

Best answer: If they guaranteed satisfaction, you have a claim.

I just turned 22 and my ex is 18. I was with him for about a year and a half, and I broke it off last week due to personal problems and my mental health. When we were together he would stay at mine every Thursday-Monday. We also talked about him eventually moving in with me. A few months back, I bought myself a VR... show more

i used to work as a waiter at a restaurant and since im vegan i always picked the meat out of the food before serving it and people complained and i got fired should i sue the restaurant?

How long will she go to jail for?

11 answers · 11 hours ago
Best answer: Ridiculous. Even if theres any truth to this story nothing illegal has happened and nobody will go to jail.

In my State, you can lose your business license for that. But the thing about that is I am not a store front, so closing me down isnt that easy. I am a one truck plumbing company with a home office. I usually have only one helper on staff. I am licensed both for business and as a master plumber, and I go around... show more