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I got a red light ticket and they have a pic of my face too. My head s turned to the side and I m wearing a beanie, I look nothing like my DMV picture from ten years ago and thought maybe I could get out of the ticket by denying I was driving. Unless they do some csi, facial recognition test I don t think they... show more

Ok so a few years ago I had a fling with this woman who ended up pregnant. She had my son and told me after he was born so I was never put down as his father on his birth certificate. So she moved 500 miles away and told me not to ever look for my son. I went to the county office to get a copy of his birth... show more

ive been here since about April and I dont know anyone i dont go to school and I moved here from a few counties away. I found a park about 2 miles from home and I go there to listen to music and enjoy the nice weather at night. I do have LED's under my car that i let run when I'm driving at night and I had... show more

Best answer: Because one is physical property, and the other is intellectual property. Someone did WORK to produce that music. They spent long hours writing it, and playing it and perfecting it. They should be paid for the work they did. By your logic, if you go to the doctor and refuse to pay, you're not... show more

Provide evidence to support your answer.

I’m gay and I go to a Christian school. I’ve been at this school for 7 years with no problems, but yesterday I found out that a student’s parents have outed me to the principal and I am looking at possibly getting expelled. I am a senior and listerally have a couple more months left and this is honestly just a... show more

In my community, they don't accept abortion and allow abortion to be legal because they think it's like a murder or killing a fetus or baby. Moreover, they become like mean performance to the one who have abortion. They will gossip or anything. And what about your perspective toward this argument?

Or is the guardianship something the courts will more or less rubber stamp unless there is a glaring reason not to?

... OF TODAY'S GOP... Should we never ever again make a claim that Hillary is guilty of anything? ================= "The FBI has already done its investigation." -@Edwena "There have already been at least 6 background checks done on Kavanaugh " - @Ryde,0n "What about him... show more

Should women who we’re truly assulted speak up later without proof? Does it mean they were never assaulted if they can’t prove it with rape kits or witnesses? Women are often forced to have sex in marriage and it’s hard to prove and so should they ever speak up or just shut up 🤐? I’m not talking about those... show more

Best answer: Intentionally poisoning animals is illegal in most places.

What would you do? What crimes would you commit?

Can I pay my friends child support to keep him out trouble ? He had been in jail before for not paying and faces going back to jail again soon if he does not find a job and pay his monthly obligations. He is having difficulty finding employment due to his record. How can I help pay his child support ?

Is it illegal to not like Jews?

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Best answer: nope.

Is it plausible that a man and woman who are allegedly cousins should be sharing the same bedroom in a rented property if they are not legally wed?