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I just got terminated a few weeks before my termination period ended. I was told that I wasn't a right fit for the company so they decided to terminated me, only thing is that none of the managers told me anything about it. I just assumed that they didnt any hours for me so I called my store manager to ask and... show more

I'm 15, and I need a way to get money. I know it's legal for me to work on the weekends, I just can't find any company who will hire 15 year olds. Is it illegal to lie about your age on a job application?

I keep getting busted :(

Best answer: No, they do not. Even with a disability, an employer is only required to make "reasonable accommodation." Paying for you to take a Lyft every day doesn't fall into that category. It is possible that a company would choose to do that, but they are not required to do it. When an employee interviews... show more

He is a billionaire.

Im currently in my first job and they are giving me nothing but hate for the absences I have had for being sick. I was told from the beginning to bring doctors notes in and I would be find but all of a sudden they pull me in for a meeting to tell me my doctors notes didnt mean anything. They said that I need to... show more

What would happen in court?

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I am the mother of a 5 month old baby girl and the father of the child hasnt been around until she was born. I have taken care of her for about 2 month on my own so he could do a DNA test. When the results came back positive he began to get her on the weekends. Now she id 5 months old and hes talking about 50/50. I... show more

2 weeks ago I started work with a construction company. The owner is Christian and everyone at his company was hired through his church, except me. My coworkers were trying to get to know me so they asked if I'm in a relationship. I said yes, I'm married to a guy. No one seemed to care or even seemed... show more

For example a ballat sent to each home that must be checked indicating whether you are in favour or not of this change.

I feel like he was hitting on me and I did NOT give consent for that.

involving other players

Attorney named as trustee 'borrows' money out of account trusted to them - is that legal?

Let's say I have a classmate who constantly steals my chocolate bar when I'm not looking. Now one day I decided to put peanuts into my bar and the classmate as always steals it. However the classmate has a peanut allergy and dies from eating the bar. Is it my fault he's dead? And can I get sued for this?