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Best answer: No, they're not

Best answer: "I love the poorly-educated" - D. Trump no big surprise there. He loves his base supporters.

Best answer: Of course, any excuse to delay the hearing. She'll whine about how he is "victimising" her again and her supporters will conveniently forget an accused person's right to question their accuser.

They will literally believe anything

Best answer: There were a lot of rumors spread about him during and after the war and most of the stranger and least verifiable stories like this or the stories that he was gay or had one testicle are almost certainly propaganda. You'd think he did enough that people wouldn't need to make up any more more reasons to... show more

Best answer: no

Best answer: Yes he might try that. It's meaningless to him how that would very literally negate his whole stated intent for this trade war, because his one and only goal is to maintain power for himself at any cost.

What could be worse than that? He was nominated by Reagan.

Best answer: smart people.