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Black nfl owner which doesnt exist but if he did would have to surrender team.he would get modern day lynching loss of fame&money,and went to prison.

Is michelle obama the most intelligent first lady?

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She has two ivy deague degrees without white privilage assistance. As you learned from lori loughlin white people get all the top priorities as they can pay for your spot. https://www.theatlantic.com/education/ar...

My dad wants to divorce my mom and he wants to sue her for the $3000 that was charged over time to his credit card that is linked to their auto policy. He knew she added the car and did not remove it and let it accumulate. He also drove the vehicle himself sometimes as well “because he was paying for the insurance... show more

She also said: "it didn't kill them" Would she say the same thing if Trump was accused of molesting little boys?

How to survive a workplace cult?

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Before any of your smartalics respond with "leave"--that is not an option. I am independent thinker and strong-willed. I have to build up my resume and I can't leave this position, which is unfortunately part of a cult. People are really fake and they do not want to hear the truth. I can't hide... show more

Why don't Democrats respect President Trump?

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I don't care HOW MUCH you libs hate Trump. Trump is STILL your president. You either RESPECT the Office of the President of the United States or LEAVE this country! We dealt with Obama for 8 years and didn't act half as silly as you libs! Either respect the Office or GET OUT!

What is the most painful defeat for Democrats?

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A. 2016 election B. Mueller’s “exoneration” of Trump

Have you ever smoked weed before?

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Best answer: don't do addictive drugs. be smart. i've done grass, quite a lot. it seems that grass is not really a very strong drug, compared with heroin or meth, mdma, and barbiturates. i have taken a lot of psychedelics, and grass is mildly psychedelic when compared to the much, much stronger drugs of LSD, mescaline,... show more

Is the media the enemy of the people?

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Best answer: Not at all.

Who else is sick of trump?

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Best answer: He's made me want to puke for nearly 60 years. Can't believe US voters could be stupid enough to make this PoS president.

Best answer: Tell her to drop dead. We will make it a national holiday when that happens.

Is it bad that Jews control the world?

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Why is Donald Trump worthy of respect?

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