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Hello, I am a 22 year old full time college student working part time as well in hospitality. My mother doesn't work anymore because she got diagnosed with cancer when I was around 16 and never went back. I have a "step father" who lives here as well he pays something's around the house. But my... show more

Best answer: Yup

A few decades ago, I think most would have said the right, I guess, but today, like with the Kevin Hart controversy in America, it seems that you can't say or do anything without being labeled as a homophobe or a racist.

Why does Mike Pence hate gay people so much?

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Best answer: It is satire. It sounds like something that should be in The Onion, but it is satire.

All of Trump's supporters will cause more tension in the country and Mike Pence would be the next president and he is no different from Trump.

How is Donald Trump so rich?

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Why do you support Trump?

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Do you think women do a better job governing than men?

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The true test is the new congress.

Do Conservatives care about the environment?

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Not talking about those elitist snobs in congress, I'm talking about the general population.

How can I become a Conservative?

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Is President Trump as corrupt as Hillary Clinton??

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Best answer: The right wing didn't use logic when judging what is right and wrong. Their opinion on most things are laughable.

Best answer: 1. Sexual Revolution stripped the nation of morals 2. An atheist and the Supreme Court removed prayer from schools 3. Evolution replaced the Bible in the school room 4. Evolution taught man came from a monkey and thence the monkey to man chart of evolution. 5. The lies of evolution produced Lucy, Pilt down man,... show more

Why do Republicans trash talk urban areas?

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Don't they know that rural areas depend on urban economies? New York state would have virtually no economy if it weren't for NYC. Minnesota would hardly function without the Twin Cities, Oregon without portland, and so forth. Why do they feel threatened by urban areas when they are responsible for the... show more

Best answer: Yes ,Greedy UN and Al Gore

Why is the GOP taking power away from Democrats?

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Best answer: Because Republicans have no concern for the "will of the people" They rule by force, they are all little dictator wannabe's. Democrats would never be so brazen.