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What is your favorite type of dog?

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Best answer: The truth, if you know as it's up to you if you wish to tell them or not, regardless of what she is. Honestly it's none of their concern, but be polite, and choose whether you wish to say or not.

One of my cats who was a kitten got run over on a relatively busy street we live on and now five years later the same thing happened to my other cat. I miss them so much and I kind of want another cat even though they won’t be the same as the others, but I am wondering if it would be fair on this new cat when both... show more

Best answer: ● "This may sound dumb, my dog is fixed but is there any way to somehow get an offspring" Yes, but... but, but... but, but, but.... There is a HUGE list of buts! 🤯 ViaGen currently charges $50,000 to clone a dog. But if your pet's successor is worth that much to you,... show more

I had no choice. I had to get rid of her, or else my dad would've killed her. So, I took her to the old park. That area is unsafe. Loads of thugs hang around there with their scary dogs. I hope my kitten is okay. I can't get to sleep thinking what could happen to her. What shall I do? How shall I get... show more

Is codeine phosphate for a canine cough ok?

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Best answer: Grab by the scruff of the neck as his mother and father would and make him comply with your commands. Loud verbal directives should be included. You don't have to be rough even just lightly pinching the scruff will give you enough compliance. My German shepherd is also a handful. The main thing is showing... show more

Cat stops eating 4 days after spay?

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I got my cat spayed 4 days ago. A few hours after surgery she was eating till today. She threw up yesterday and a little bit today. Shes been sleeping all day and refuses to eat. She'll drink a little bit just won't eat. I normally give her some of whatever I eat but I was gonna hold off on that till she is... show more

So, lately she's been urinating everywhere and it's really annoying. I was going to yell at her but she was crying. I can't describe the noises she was making, but she was clearly in a lot of pain. I told Mom to take her to the vet, but she tells me the cat will 'get over it.' HOW CRUEL. ... show more

I ve been searching for a while now and have finally found a dog. The plan was to call my landlord tomorrow and pick the dog up this weekend. Then my friend came over and told me dachshunds are banned by almost all landlords. I ve searched and can t find anything to support this claim, however if they do say no due... show more

Why are ponies baby horses?

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Best answer: Because they are horse's baby

2 days ago(Friday afternoon) I brought my cat back him from the vet. He had surgery to remove kidney stones or bladder stones, I'm not quite sure because I resorted to going to a vet in Tijuana Mexico, as it is cheaper than the cost of taking my cat to a vet in San Diego(where I live so there was an obvious... show more