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Isn't is a win win situation to let your cat roam?

23 answers · Cats · 24 hours ago
Best answer: No. Your cat has an increased chance of being killed by a dog or coyote, or being abducted by a neighbor.. Up to you. I let my cats roam, which keeps them from becoming neurotic indoor kitties.

Is this Dog Abuse?

20 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
Best answer: When it comes to calls its more of a health issue than a mental issue, unless the mental issue is on par with pavlovs bell. It's not right but those are the laws. If hes drowning in the pool, or if they are spraying his face, it's abuse. If its freezing outside and the dog has a thin coat and its cold,... show more

Why do people like dogs so much?

14 answers · Dogs · 15 hours ago
Dogs are so annoying. My family bought a sheepdog puppy about 4 years ago and all she does is eat mud in the backyard, rip things apart, bark at every moving object 24/7, and she doesnt learn jack. Weve spent thousands of dollars trying to get her trained. I cant understand why people enjoy having dogs around. Our... show more

Best answer: Oh I don't know, because I don't want my dogs eating your cat's **** and getting worms, or my neighbor with no animals does't want to be working in their flower bed and getting a hand full of cat crap. Also my right to trap your cat and take it to animal control. A few other things about roaming... show more

Why wont anyone buy our puppies?

31 answers · Dogs · 3 days ago
my family and i have one male newfoundland and one female. they just had puppies about a month ago. although we've promoted on social media and stuff, no one will buy them. they're only 2000 dollars which is pretty good considering theyre 100 percent purebred. the parents are very pretty. why wont anyone... show more

What should i name my pit bull puppy?

20 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
it is a girl and she is a full blooded blue pit bull with blue eyes!!!

My cat gets annoyed very easily?

20 answers · Cats · 3 days ago
I like pinching her nose very gently and she doesn't like it. I'm just playing with her, I don't think I am hurting her at all but she gets annoyed very easily. She is kind of an affectionate kind and she likes getting petted but whenever my fingers get near to her nose she cries and throws a fit. How... show more

Easy ways to get high?

12 answers · Cats · 1 day ago

Best answer: I've always wondered the same thing. Cats seem to be very boring pets, not in a bad way of course. It's just their personality because of their species. Just like humans are stupid, cats are boring pets and dogs just love to play.

Why does my cat stumble after coming home?

14 answers · Cats · 2 days ago
Best answer: If you don't talk to your cat about drugs, alcohol and cat nip, who will?

In your opinion, what is the worst breed of dog and why? Please don’t be unkind and share your honest opinion.

If yes, what breed is it and in your opinion is it better (or maybe worse?) than owning a dog? Just curious 🙂

What brands of hotels allow dogs?

8 answers · Dogs · 16 hours ago

Best answer: Worked for me. Made me decide not to get one.

I regret adopting my dog. What should I do?

8 answers · Dogs · 6 hours ago
I adopted a puppy almost 4 months ago. I had been wanting a dog for years and my husband is moving away soon for a year for work, so I thought having a dog while he was gone would make me less lonely. I had dogs growing up but never a young puppy. I freaked out when I first got him but we fell into a routine and... show more

Best answer: I really don't think so. Heathrow is VERY strict. They won't let you take even water or perfume on your carry-on bag. You're talking about sneaking the puppy in your pocket but it can suffocate like that. If you get caught with the puppy or the puppy milk, then you could lose the puppy and get arrested.... show more