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I believe there won't be. I think it occurred because the liberals had a tantrum that they lost the presidential election; like a bunch of children. What a waste of tax dollars, and you can already imagine how npCNN and MSNpC will try to spin this since they were saying how "the walls are are closing in on... show more

What will happen to the UK after Brexit?

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Best answer: I don't know why they are so against a second referendum if "leave without a deal" was on the ballot paper and it would provide a way forward when MPs cannot agree on a way to break the impasse but have rejected the "no-deal" Brexiteers want.

Is it not pathetic that Trump is feuding with a dead man?

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Best answer: Next Muslim terrorist attack I expect to see Muslims taking off their hijabs in solidarity with the Christian victims.

What do you miss about the 80s or 90s?

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Best answer: Yes @ 11 people have now signed here-my work office-and i am speaking in person with a Labour MP tomorrow where i'll pass the link onto the secretary-for circulation to other constituents-note that now there is more time //- ta!

Stop Brexit petition is open to abuse. is it time to remove it?

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Best answer: Yes, it is obviously fake. Even the pro-Remain BBC is questioning it.

Like Hyderabad or Kyengtong in British India, 100 years ago?

Best answer: Unless you can prove that she never intended to repay you, this is a civil case, not criminal, and the police will not get involved. You can take her to Small Claims Court. There is normally a fee for this, but if you can't afford it, the court will usually waive the fee. In Small Claims Court no lawyers are... show more

What country would you like to retire in?

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Best answer: There IS no better deal for the UK than remaining with a say in EU law making and never was. All this angst over the notion of 'sovereignty' being possible to re-acquire in a globalised world is simply perverse. Nationalists won't feed you, they only care about inflating their own egos and bank balances. show more

Entire families of men, women and children that joined and in a lot of cases fought along side the Islamic State are returning to their countries of origin and trying to integrate into society. Should they be given a second chance for their crimes against... show more