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Best answer: Classic user. She didn't want to talk until she wanted money from you. She took off once you called her out. Here's the big problem: If she has your information, she can keep applying for credit in your name. Sign up for free to a service like Credit Karma or Credit Sesame, and check out your recent... show more

I work with them and they will leave work together when they have a shift that ends at the same time. They go to my female coworkers car which she parks in this parking garage that not many people park in. I followed them one time because I had suspicions and i saw them have sex in the car. Should I report this?

Will he ever want sex with me?

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I m a female and I ve been giving this guy blowjobs for the last 6 months. 16 of them. He never tries to initiate a makeout, sex, anything. We ve been "talking" for 11 months. I love him. I dont want to force him to do anything he doesnt want to do, but every time I try to bring it up he shuts down. What... show more

My girl and I have been dating for about a month now and she’s a sophomore I’m a senior, I just turned 18 today and she turns 16 in July, if anything happens in a sexual way am i screwed? Thanks

Should I leave my wife and kids for my mistress?

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Hi! So my boyfriend and I have been dating for around 6 months now, but we have been close friends for over a year. He does not know what he wants to do for a career, but he seems to be moving towards being a cop. I, however, am ambivalent about this. I am worried. I worry about the danger, the time away from home,... show more

Best answer: They just love and carw for you, and by the way you describe yourself, your their perfect little angel. They dont want to leave you home in fear of anything possibly happening to you, not necessarily that you will do anything. Its important to talk to them about this, and by the sounds of it you are mature... show more

Why do I attract stalkers?

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Best answer: Stalkers are generally users and abusers and is best to look for healthy relationships. I do not know why you feel you attract stalkers and more information is needed. Some stalkers in the past have been on illegal drugs and please stay away from those who are controlling because you deserve to make your own... show more

She asked me "do you think your mom is a squirter", did you "ever hear her have sex" and she's mentioned it more than once. It's really weird. And she talks about watching some bestiality vids in the past but that she wasn't turned on or anything.

Best answer: No, that's not cheating. All you're saying is you're available for him if things change. It doesn't make you a homewrecker in any way. Please ignore the other comments you're getting here.

I’m worried about him. He works 6 days a week a lot and on the weekends he passes out early. He got a 3 day weekend finally and has gone to bed at 6 pm and slept till 3 am... his sleep schedule is messed up and he keeps forgetting to eat unless I bug him.

My fiancé says once we get married I dont need to work?

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He says he will work and take extra hours and that i dont have to work as much or i can take two part time jobs. He doesnt want me to get so hurt.. these are his words “ I just don’t want you being too tired or damaging your body, I don’t want you getting hurt. I’d rather see you happy and not forced to do... show more

My adult daughter gained so much weight?

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My daughter is 26 and she used to be very skinny in high school. As an adult she gained so much weight and doesn’t do anything to address it. I told her she needs to lose weight, but when I do she throws a fit. She has her own place so what she does is outside of my control. However when I see her in town I can’t... show more

Depressed with our living situation, am I wrong?

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My husband and I have been married for over a year and half. Ever since we have been renting out the basement at his sister’s house. I was never comfortable and never felt at home. For example the laundry room is right in front of our bedroom, I can’t tell you how many times, his sister husband has walked down and... show more

Best answer: "Let her?" I hope to shout... What ever fears you may think of her going off on vaycay should be put to rest. You had your turn in parenting her. You taught her all of the lessons, set the examples and done your self proud on what a beautiful daughter you have raised. For all of her life, she has... show more