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My wife has decided not to vote for trump in 2020?

16 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 1 day ago
Best answer: Obviously she never was associated with any college sororities. Has she ever considered what the Hollywood Left considers to be entertainment? Has she ever heard of the Clintons? Ask her who Anthony Weiner is.

Best answer: Am I still in R&S Or was I shunted off into another section? ~

What is a post code?

20 answers · Edinburgh · 3 weeks ago

Why do people say you cant buy food in north korea ?

16 answers · Other - Local Businesses · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: There are very few places on Earth in which it is totally impossible to buy food. But for many people in several parts, including those in much of North Korea, it is hard to buy enough food for a good diet because those people are very poor.

Were can I get Botox in Edinburgh?

9 answers · Edinburgh · 3 weeks ago

Where can one get a town bike in Worcester?

7 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 4 weeks ago