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I have to flick the switch multiple times.When they do turn on, they stay lit and I can turn them on and off several times with no problems. The fixtures are from 1996 when the home was built. Do the bulbs need replacing or is there something bad in the fixtures themselves?

Why do people use Carbon monoxide detector at homes for safety?

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Is anybody there?i have asked the question four times now, yes or no?

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Why do old people in my area not germinate their pot seeds ?

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Best answer: While some growers still use seeds and they do germinate them first to prove viability. With seeds you sometimes don't know what you are going to get. There is also a way to "sex" seeds so you don't spend time growing male plants with your seeds. Most growers these days clone plants from known... show more

If i mow a lawn for over three months, is that land mine?

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Best answer: I have been using the same barber for more than two years. Is my head hers?

How to stop sugar carvings?

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My jenn-air electric stove want stop beeping?

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Alarms: If the false alarm does not stop, How to solve the problem?

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Safe distance from a wasp's nest with the lawnmower?

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Best answer: You're fine

How to clean moldy food out of kitchenware?

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Disclaimer: It's gross. So I cooked rice a few months ago, in a small pot. Now it's completely stuck and covered in mold. How in the world do I go about cleaning this?

I ve recently developed an intolerance to ANY sort of laundry detergent I ve found on the market- free & clear, hypoallergenic, baby, unscented, sulfate free, you name it. After finally narrowing this irritation down, I ve started using only Dr. Bronner s on my clothes and bed sheets. Problem is, I have a... show more

Fans that feel like air conditioning?

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So I go to college out in Hawaii, which is super awesome, however the dorms don’t have air conditioning. I literally have 3 fans in my dorm and it still is super hot. Any suggestions on fans that really cool down a room?

Best answer: NOBODY touches my ride on. Or tells me to turn down the aircon for that matter... Most women in australia love mowing... but to actually answer your question, there's a few reasons SOME women do this. - gender roles learned as a child that they don't question. Man mow, woman cook - they've never been... show more

How can I activate my firestick?

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What is this called?

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PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! I don't know what to do?

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I have a really important exam tomorrow which I can't fail, I've been studying the whole day, and I was just about to fall asleep when I heard and then saw a mouse in my room!!!! I don't know what to do, I'm terrified, I can't sleep with a mouse in my room!!! But I really need to sleep for my... show more

it is growing along my fence has leave and 3" green pods, slit in the middle when open looks white with small seeds that are white with a white kind of cover over them .