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Best answer: There is nothing wrong with looking but don't stare like virgin newb in a strip club.

If so, what did you wear (or not wear)?

If sit is while sleeping would I have some sign that I'm being chocked or that I'm not getting enough oxygen??

If the earth surface is curved then so should our shoes, right??? try answering that globetards!!!!

For women??

Are they trying to be the lord mayor or something?

Sounds like a stupid question, I know, but since want to know what I do with the strap when it s not connected to the front. Do so **** it in or let it hang...?

Best answer: White or grey would look nice.

For example if i order shoes from target online. Will the shows be directly from the warehouse where it's never been worn or does it come from somewhere else.

Best answer: Hell no, I think more guys should wear jewelry it looks nice on yall