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This sounds absolutely terrible and if you are a dancer then you are going to slap me through this screen. Tomorrow is my performance and I decided to get a pedicure, (I haven’t been trimming them down because I was so busy for practice) and mind you I have been practicing everyday for 8 hours. (For those who are... show more

How would you react?

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-finding out that a shy quiet girl has the talent to dance well? (hip hop for example)

My friend and I are both education majors. We have a lot in common, we always played sports together and both have brothers and no sisters. She doesn't know how to dance, and never got the opportunity to as a child because her parents wanted her in other sports. She does know a lot about dance moves and dance... show more

Best answer: Either just say you don't want to dance, or bandage an ankle and plead injury!

ballet is the only thing in life that makes me feel so happy. It’s what i wish I could have as my job. I’m pretty studious, but trust me I would fail all my classes if it meant i could use that time to practice and that i would become a professional ballerina. It’s just not possible for me - I’m too tall, not... show more

Considering they look like kids, is it possible for a teen to compete with a lyrical dance at the junior category?

Best answer: Too young? Many places offer adult beginner ballet lessons. Join in give it a try.

Why can’t i do double pirouettes?

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Best answer: Pull up, find your core and spot. It just takes practice. Lots and lots of practice, Some pick up on it faster than others. Don’t give up.

Should i join my studios company?

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so i take 4 ballet classes a week currently. i love it so much! but i’m not very good at it unfortunately. even though i’ve been dancing for about 11 years, i’m not as good as the girls who are 2 years younger than me. i’m naturally not flexible at all (trust me, i stretched all the time for years and only just a... show more

Ok info about me: I’m around 5’3, around 134 lbs, I’m 16, and I’m gonna be a junior. I have never done cheer before! I was on poms dance team for 2 years, did acro dance and hip hop and ballet (when I was younger), and I’m pretty flexible. The only tumbling I can do is cartwheel, handstand, side splits, and round... show more

Best answer: My dance with my father was a tap dance number, it still brings tears to my eyes.

Dancing Section?

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Best answer: I can see all question in dance I can only two question in the travel / Chicago section. Yahoo glitches

Best answer: If you were put en pointe after only a year of training you are not in professional training that will give you a ballet career. The requirement for point work is way more than just strong ankles. In a good recreational ballet school it takes at least three years of taking three or more 90 minute ballet classes a... show more

I have watched many T.V dance show(e.g-World Of Dance,So You Think You Can Dance)and the one thing Ive noticed is how the majority of the dancers go in bare feet.A few of the acts do wear shoes but most of them don't.Is their any particular reason why this is so.

My dance pole won’t stay up?

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I just purchased a pole and I can get it up, but every time I get on it, it slips. I’ve tightened it all the way. Is it because I have a carpet floor?

Hi, I’ve been dancing for many years and I absolutely love it, I’m currently doing mostly ballet and pointe. I only take 3 classes right now, but if I audition for company and get in I will be required to take 11. I’ll be dancing almost everyday of the week for 1.5-3 hours. Also, I’m really tall/don’t have the... show more