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Best answer: I would have laughed and moved or told him to get out of my face. I am glad the new footage surfaced. I would not have let loose my actual feelings towards Native Americans. I couldn't care less about their existence. They had their time, more advanced civilizations crossed the ocean, got overpowered, and... show more

Are grammar nazi’s annoying?

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Best answer: that's not their purpose in running it, they are interested in indoctrinating the kids to be socialist because they have too many homo's in their camp there's a shortage of kids .............

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The US is the most anti-socialist country that ever existed. You cant even walk 2 blocks anywhere in the US without finding someone that believes socialism is immoral. Why do they believe a Fidel Castro or Che Guevara revolution is upon us when it won't ever happen?

Best answer: The WAY, TRUTH ,LIGHT.

A. $1000 B. $10000 C. $500,000 D. $15,000,000

Best answer: Go to a counselor or a principal. If you know the parents of the special needs boy, then they also should know what is going on. In the moment, you could say, "Johnny" is my friend, and I don't like the rude way that you are treating him. Bullying is prohibited at our school, and you must follow the... show more

“To dishonor a prophet by raising a political banner which supports killing innocent babies on MLK’s birthday is so inhuman. To dishonor a prophet by raising a political banner on his birthday is so inhumane.” “King sought after the spirit not the flesh. He was after the divine,” King’s niece continued, calling on... show more

And get jobs as Taxis and Uber and become independent and live a life of their own?

Best answer: I just think they didn't really think of any ideas for them besides of what they did, but I could be wrong...

Best answer: Something tells me you already know why, and are merely trying to troll. Try harder next time.

Best answer: Trustworthy as a pit full of adders.