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Should community college be free?

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I live in New York, where the Excelsior Scholarship is in it's infancy; Excelsior offers free tuition to undergraduate students who meet certain criteria and income requirements. My daughter is currently attending a four year university as a freshman and is taking advantage of the Excelsior Scholarship. Being... show more

Best answer: Not successfully. However, you can start with remedial math in college and study so as to become ready.

I got a D in a level 200 history class for a general ed class and I did not take any science classes yet so I know what to expect workwise . Math is sorta hard for me but I started doing tutoring. So I’m wondering should I retake this level 200 class and could my gpa rise in the following years of college so I... show more

Is college education worth it?

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Best answer: Both. One group is not more guilty than the other. At least admissions officers weren't bribed. However, they were being given false information by coaches and false test scores. Now, they're going to have to verify the athlete status of every single applicant who claims it when they ought to be able to... show more

Best answer: Stupid people are desperate to get a piece of paper that claims they are smart. Money is no object. Some people like to wave their degree around in people's faces. Llewen does that.

Best answer: Yes. Your hs gpa doesn't foow you. Once you're in college you start over. I graduated with 2.1 from hs and graduated college 3.7 you just have to work hard

Best answer: It depends on the schools policy. I’m sure you can retake courses you failed and it will boost up your gpa.

Best answer: Because she has much more ambition (and hope) for her daughter than her daughter currently has.

I’m (hopefully) going to a community college in August but I’m currently failing one math class in high school and I’m not getting any help with it. I already have all my credits to graduate high school and I got into the school already but if I fail this class will the college take away my acceptance???

Best answer: The average age of my students in my night classes is 26 years old, if that puts things in perspective. My oldest student this semester is 52 years old.

i kinda wanna be an anesthesiologist or some type of doctor.. i feel like a medical examiner would be a bit too morbid for me but i kinda wanna major in forensic science tbh i don't know what i wanna do and everyone sorta expects me to know or have some idea but i just don't. I'm supposed to be doing... show more