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Best answer: It should, but that really depends in the college that offers the bachelors degree accepting the credit hours for the courses you took to earn the associates degree, how long ago you took those courses and whether is a reciprocity agreement with the associate degree college. Courses more than 5 or 6 years old may... show more

Why was he doing this?

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Best answer: cause he was rude staring at you, thats why

I ve always known that I want to go into a medical field and for a while I ve considered going into nursing. I love science specifically biology and would see myself doing something in emergency care or pediactrics probably not family medicine. I ve gotten into Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona,... show more

I m a senior in highschool and I heard colleges can take back acceptances if seniors don t complete their senior year classes they said they would. This got me worried about the ACT. I did the ACT last year and I m retaking to get a better score. I m bad at testing, but since I m on a varsity team, honor roll,... show more

I'm feeling extremely discouraged. Due to certain family/personal circumstances throughout my years as an undergrad, I am 26 years old and still in college. I had planned on graduating Summer '19, but it's looking like I'm not going to pass one of my classes, which is the first of 2 parts I need to... show more

Best answer: That women's studies is a worthless degree.

I'm currently 25 and it's taken me this long to decide exactly what it is that I want to do with my life. Most of my friends have already graduated, and I'm still sitting on just a high school diploma. I dabbled in college before a few years back but quickly dropped out because I wasn't even sure... show more

Best answer: Hard. There are several issues to consider: 1. If you are in class 20 hours a week and you are studying another 40 hours a week ( you should plan on studying and doing assignments for two-to-three hours for every hour in class) that doesn't get you very much wiggle room for social activities, work, etc. 2. ... show more

Best answer: Because he is not white. They all hate whites

I just don't care about getting the degree enough to motivate myself to do work. I know i should but i don't and this probably about to become a real issue. I've got an exam i need to revise for, 2 written essays to write and hand in and another video essay to write and create that I've not even... show more

Is it too late?

I think most university students refer to themselves as late adolescents. So does adulthood start after unjversity? If i finish but continue a graduate degree do i become an adult by this mentality?

Best answer: Not realistically, the waiting list for public housing is years. There is no program called welfare. You can only have $2,250 in countable resources to get SNAP (food stamps). If you go over that amount any time you can be kicked out. There are six major U.S. welfare programs. They are Temporary Assistance for... show more

Best answer: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and I have been working in the field for 30 years. Closing in on retirement in 1 maybe 2 years. Have not decided yet. Did 6 years in the US Navy as an electronics tech then 10 years same in the civilian market before getting my degree Atheist

Did my professor mark me unfairly?

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I recieved a lower grade than expected on a recent project. When looking at the feedback, I saw marks deducted for things that were not indicated in the project outline or description (i.e. specific font size, spacing etc). I went to my prof, believeing that it is unfair to deduct marks for this when I had... show more

Should I drop out of college?

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I’m in my second year of college, live in Chicago. I’m about to fail a whole semester of classes that just proves that I’m not college material. I’ve dropped classes in previous semesters. I’m being forced to take courses that I hate, i was forced to have to take a science class and a math class. I’m going for some... show more

Best answer: Probably. You could certainly get college credit for taking the classes if you score well on the AP exam. That noted, many U.S. universities have proficiency tests to determine whether or not you'd need to take additional French classes to meet the college graduation requirements. Most of the kids I know... show more