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I did not know that there were surveillance cameras at universities but i'm sure there are. I saw an area near the library that says there are security cameras all over that room/ floor. I feel uncomfortable and like there's no privacy and like i'm always being watched. I feel like there's no... show more

Best answer: Good in what way? It is certainly one of the most challenging majors. It is a useful major if you intend to go to medical school or graduate school for neuroscience. It may not be a good choice if you are looking for a career in other fields or want a "career job" right after earning your BS degree.

My parents, PRETENDING TO BE ME, filled out and submitted SIX college applications. I wasn't aware of this until I began receiving emails about them. I didn't know why I was getting the emails, so I asked my parents, and they said that they "filled out some applications for you [me]." When I asked... show more

Okay, I don t really plan on graduating in anything, but I still would like to learn certain things. Can I just take random college classes without having a degree plan? Or are classes just for those who want to graduate? I ve tried looking through the website of my college but I haven t found a solid answer

Best answer: You may be legally an adult, but you live under your parents' roof & abide by their rules. If you want to live on your own, earn the money to pay your own way.

Best answer: its just a hold-over from a time when every tom dick hairy and his retarded uncle didnt have a degree ... that said, it is beneficial to getting a middle-income job 'if' you can avoid going into it with a 'mortgage' of school loans to pay off first .. otherwise your better off just going straight to... show more

(at University)

I'd like to say I'm not bragging because I haven't even received my GPA yet I am a first time college student(freshmen) and I decided to take 18 credit hours this semester. (yes some say I'm crazy. I knew my limit )I wanted to know my GPA as of right now and I did a GPA calculator and it was a... show more

Best answer: So long as both of you did not copy each others actual word contents, it is not plagarism. You are helping him with the formatting that is all.

I plan on going for nursing or some sort of fashion and design. Everyone I ask won t help because they think community college is a bad idea.

Ok, so I honestly don't mean to sound arrogant, but i'm currently a college student full time, and every time i'm in class and these boring lectures I can't help but think to myself "wow i'm going through all of this just to graduate and work a 9-5 job and then die". Again I don't... show more

Hi! I'm currently doing my thesis for my bachelor's degree and it's about catcalling. Hope you can help me out. Thanks! :)

Or is it better to just stick to one profession? To be a vet tech would I have to go to a regular university for 4 years, then to an actual vet school? Which profession would have more job security and better pay?

I would love to have a Minor or a major in American Studies,My friend suggested to go for the minor route,saying it would be hard to find work in American studies since it is not an actually career degree such as Teaching or psychology or carpentry ETC.Advice?

There are a lot of companies who require the developers to have bachelors degree. It is really annoying knowing the fact that companies think that your university degree defines your skills. It is clear that there are Analysis, Calculus which a programmer must know in order to work on complex projects. One can... show more

Best answer: Time for what? You have a lot of time if you live a normal lifespan. Let's say that you earn your BA/BS degree by age 25 -- that gives your at least 50 years of working in whatever profession you follow. That seems like plenty of time, doesn't it? Don't be focused on what other people do or... show more

I read an article on it with parents bringing their kids into the classroom and these teachers accepting it. Why would they even start a family while still in school. Don't think we would of seen this decades ago.