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I hate school and im just happy it is almost over in a few months. But my dad keeps whining that i will never be successful in life and i will be working minimum wage all my life if i dont go to college. But still i dont want too. How can i help him understand that?

How can I survive 4+ hour classes?

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I just started college and I'm not liking my classes due to how long they are. Monday through Friday I have classes from 8AM to 4PM. One being 3 hours and the other one being 5 hours long. As soon as I leave my first class I have to run to my next class. I get no breaks in between these classes. My teachers do... show more

Computer science vs law school?

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Which one should I choose and why? I can’t decide between the two because they’re both equally interesting.

I got paid the same before going to college

In the winter months, my therapist is a single mom so if schools are delayed she cancels morning appointments.

So I had my first class the other day, and everything is so fast paced, I got the feeling I’m not going to be able to keep up, let alone pass the class. It’s very overwhelming for me since I haven’t sat in a classroom in a good 2 yrs. I read the chapters and everything but I can’t retain ****, also doesn’t help... show more

This is my idea on society?

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I would ban all schools and people would be living in malls complete with stores and a cafeteria. There would be less need for cars as everyone is neighboring each other inside. There would be classes on pottery or music. Whatever the child chooses. Sports would also be a choice of classes. There would be more fun... show more

My boyfriend believes that college is a waste of time. I make more money than him because I went to college. I earn $110,000 as a senior health administrator and he works in a restaurant. He always complains about not having any money. He’s never happy. I tell him maybe if he went to college he would be better off.... show more

Best answer: Universities consist of an amalgam of colleges. There might be a College of Nursing, a College of Journalism, etc., as part of a university. In the U.S., the terms are pretty much interchangeable.

I've heard that Ivy League schools don't accept Asians a lot, even those who are at the top of their class. I'm Chinese.

The state school I go to claims that all their students could make 40K first year out but I doubt that

I have a bachelor s in biology no minors and I did horrible got a low gpa of 2.4 Ia had anxiety and now I dn know what to do I need to go back to school but it seems to be so hard I need help plz :( can I become a biology teacher is there any route for me any college thag would accept me ?

I'm planning on buying a Harvard degree online, it costs about $150. I was wondering do I also need to buy the fake transcripts?

Best answer: $40K per year is enough for a single man in most parts of the US, but doesn't make the grade in much of the US for raising a family unless the wife works.

I ve seen one person s resume where they did a 3 year bachelor s and then had to go back to the US to do a 4 year bachelor s. It was almost as if the 3 year bachelor s from the UK did not exist. I ve also talked to people about doing an MSci at the Imperial College London and the general consensus was that... show more

I don t get any advice expect " go to college!!" Here are some questions I have: Is there math, science, etc even if the degree you re aimming for is completely unrelated to it? (Aka like high school) If you go to a dorm college, do you pay rent? Extra money? Anything? Should I aim for the smallest... show more