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I have a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. In addition to making my monthly mortgage payments, if I pay towards my principal, will I save on interest? If yes, does that mean once the principal amount has been paid off, there is no more interest?

Don't owners ever manage their own properties anymore & want to show them themselves? It's difficult to deal with property management companies & be able to view rentals. They seem to also have way too many rules & regulations. We would like to be able to meet the owners & see if we like them.

I would certainly think it would if we have a housing crash like we've had before.

You already have turned away other possible tenants, but they do seem troublesome right from the beginning. What is the best and fair way, for the landlord to handle this situation? Advice needed. Thanks.

I have about 8,000 in savings. I make around 1600 a month. I get other jobs here and there other than my full time job, but they all vary monthly. I’ve toured so many apartments and the least expensive while still being safe is $715 a month, not including any utilities. This is a one bedroom because I’d rather live... show more

Best answer: If your credit is good and you have stable employment you could likely get a mortgage for three times your annual pay ($180k in your case). You'd need a big down payment. $200k is a more reasonable target price. Even at that, I wouldn't take a mortgage as big as three times my annual salary. You'd be... show more

I had no choice but to move into a huge apartment building that is crime ridden because my credit rating sank low and I had a derogatory remark on it. I could not get a rental anywhere else. That was seven months ago. Since then, my credit score has improved from about 640 to 730 and the derogatory remark will... show more

So my husband and I are struggling to get a start financially and qualify for the USDA loan in California. My elderly mother is planning on living in the home for the first year or two of owning the property. She has offered to be a co-signer, but thing is she currently owns another home, to which my sister and her... show more

do i have to pay my Landlords work men to move items out of the unit? when i moved in there was a desser there, she asked if i wanted it, the last renters left it behind.. i said yes i could use it till i buy my own. so it stayed... now i want it out . and she says i cant get rid of the desser because its part of... show more

Best answer: Not illegal, but is weird.

Best answer: 1) If you ever get there, ask directions. 2) Since there is no physical basis make it up yourself. Twelve clouds at 35 degrees left of the Pearly Gates, and be sure to stop at the Angel's Crossings.

I’ve been paying rent to my landlord for about 4 years (on time) but she decided to get a property manager because the neighbor in the front (duplex house) wouldn’t pay her on time She lives like three hours from here but she still comes every week she even has a room with bathroom and everything in the back where... show more

I am getting a job transfer to San Francisco & I'm looking at real estate ads to buy a house. I saw on one ad where it's stated there's a protected tenant & the rent currently received. I've never seen anything like this before! What does this mean? Does this mean if I purchased this house... show more

I received a letter from one of my tenants who has been renting from me now for five years. He said in the letter his wife's mother was in the kitchen & saw a man staring at her through the window. Their kitchen is in the back side of the house behind a gate with an archway over it. Plus there is a 6 ft.... show more