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Best answer: I am surprised the whole lot hasn't gone. There have been rockstars and businessmen who have wasted MILLIONS on addiction. 13 grand? That's nothing. That could be gone in a weekend.


What is some advice on saving?

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i just moved to nevada with my boyfriend two months ago. We are staying with his dad rent free, for 6 months until his dad moves out of state and is buying us a condo. I work full time as a host plus tips so my paychecks are usually 400-500 and up every two weeks. I have no bills or rent besides phone bill which is... show more

Do you think people will retire if they have a 100,000 in a account.

If someone has a million dollars do you think that will be eligible for retirement?

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Would I qualify for a home loan?

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Best answer: Debt to income 38% before the house payment... NO. Including the house payment, yes. Credit scores are fine - BK 4 years ago is okay for VA, or FHA but not conventional.. need 5 years from date of discharge.

How does a savings account work?

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Best answer: Most probably it can. The point of a savings account is that you leave money in there to build up interest. You will notice that they are all advertised with an interest rate - this is how much you will get each year just for leaving the money there. The bank can use your money to invest, lend out, one way or... show more

If I recieve a large amount of money through Direct Deposit (eg. 25,000), Are the funds instantly availiable ? OR Is there a waiting period like a standard check ? The issuer is a insurance company in the same state as me.

So I live in an affluent area of the country-Long Island. Most of our friends- in their late 50's are very prepared for retirement financially- 401'ks etc.... I'm no where near ready and prepared to work as long as I can- but still I'm better off then many people. The question- what do the folks... show more

Conservatives use welfare too. It's not just Democrats.

How to make $200 by tomorrow?

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I m in a rough spot, I need $200 by tomorrow. How could I make that much money that fast? I don t care if it s legal or illegal just help.