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I’ve been on my own since I was 18. Balancing school, work, and bills. I thought I had it all figured out. I had a good job and was making good money. I was making so much money and my credit was great. I was able to finance my first car on my own with no assistance. But I kept getting new cars (this is my 4th... show more

Which car do you have?

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since the computer system were not working at the pumps, one had to go inside and pay before you could pump, and I wanted to fill my vehicle up , so the clerk told me to either give my driver's license or my debit card while I went out and pumped gas into my vehicle, and I gave my debit card, but after I did so... show more

Best answer: When I was 16 and had my work permit, I simply went to a local bank and was able to open both a savings account and a student checking account without my parents being involved. In general it helps to have a job already. Make some phone calls to local banks and credit unions and find out what their policy is-it... show more

Best answer: You are thinking it through correctly. Paying down debts is the right thing to do but only in safety. You are debating how much you need to be safe. That's the correct approach. You are also taking future large expenses into account.That's also correct. Avoid going into new debt while you are paying off... show more

What happens if you accidentally over withdraw ur account and you tell ur bank you wont be able to afford the fee? They cant necessarily put me in jail for money rip off, cause I have a disability

Best answer: Money is the key to DRUGZ! If you have lots of drugs you can have lots of sex and fun.

Best answer: Insurance companies are in the business of "insuring" cars. They do not buy and sell cars. That is what car dealerships do. Drive your car to your dealership of choice. When you choose a new car, you can turn in the old one to them. They will apply the value to your new car, or you can sell it... show more

Best answer: Just have him wire the money by Western Union. It is quick, easy and less expensive. As long as you can present Id you can pick it up at any WU branch then deposit it into your account. I do this for someone in Colombia and it only costs $8 US and takes 5 minutes to do online or in person. The money is available in... show more

Best answer: If you live in the US, look into USDA Rural Housing Development. It's a program for low income first time home buyers. We bought our house (3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, 1250 sf brick house) through that program. We didn't have to have a down payment and the closing costs were rolled into the mortgage. The... show more

Inherited IRA?

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Best answer: It is an inherited IRA she cannot turn it into one. If he was taking annual distributions, and of course he was required to, then she must continue to take them. She must pay income taxes on all distributions. Taking a greater amount in one year could raise her incremental tax bracket.

Hlo how can i earn money online?

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*Please read all to avoid irrelevant answers* I'm curious as to if this is normal when asking to have a higher credit card limit. I simply said that I'd like to double it to around 8k-10k. They are having me fill out applications, getting all sorts of info, references asking for employer supervisors etc.... show more

Opened a new bank account?

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Best answer: A lot of banks these days are giving people cash bonuses to open an account. The easiest way would be to call the bank, they will be able to tell you for sure. We can only guess.