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Sure they re stable and they grow over time, but not at rate which is good enough for me to invest my money in. Other than security of money, (i think NASDAQ and DuPont increase a little more than inflation each year?) why would anyone buy stocks in these companies?

Do i have to pay taxes on stocks?

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Best answer: The IRS doesn't care about anything less than $400. It's a waste of their time (and honestly a waste of yours also.) Source: IRS

I have 999,999 shares of a **** company with a market Capitalization of $20,000, which I just created yesterday, and my friend, owning the other half, bought 1 share for $0.01 from me, asked $100 for the share, and was payed such.

I kinda just want to gamble it and see if I can multiply it. But I don't know anything about Forex or Stock market.Is there like a website similar to ebay how does this work. I know i can just trade currency at my bank without the fancy graphs and whatnot.

Getting out of debt?

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I have $11000 invested in stocks. I get a 200 dividend every quarter. I'm trying to eliminate other debt now that adds up to $14000. Would it be a good idea to pull my money from the stocks to pay off two of the three Bill's? Ones a car payment others for braces with no interest and third is a credit card... show more

I want to invest $10K in poultry ?

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My chicken will lay eggs and more chicken will come out of these eggs and like a compound interest my chicken count will reach millions and I will retire rich ! Do you guys think this is a good idea ?

Best answer: In my upper sixties and retired. My pension and Social Security exceed my normal monthly expenses,, About 60% stock and 40% savings and money market accounts.

I live in Virginia. Recently we lost a family member. This person had a stock investment and it was given to us via her will. I ve never owned stocks before. I don t know how this works. I understand that if i sell the stock and take the money, then of course i have to pay taxes on it. But what if i leave the stock... show more

Military thrift savings plan?

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I m trying to figure out if i should start investing in the TSP or not, as of right now i don t plan on serving for 20 years, I understand that not fulfilling the 20 years i won t recieve all the benefits, but is it still worth investing in? And if so why?

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In other wards I want to learn. Thanks for looking into it.