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How do we force people born in the 20th century to hand over their careers to us?

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Best answer: We aren’t giving our careers to people under the age of 19.

Why are McDonalds workers majority black in America?

14 answers · Food Service · 2 days ago

Ex lover is controlling me?

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I got myself in a huge mess. She used to be married to a coworker who got promoted to manager a year ago. He never discovered the affair between us. The divorce happened for other reasons. We met again and she told me how much she miss our time together. I told her I don't have any interest in her. That's... show more

Best answer: Add them on if you ve been at those jobs for more then a few weeks or months. It shows you're willing to work, hopefully you've learned a few valuable skills, such as time management and being work with other people in a team. The more experience you have, the better chance you could have of getting a job.

Are all jobs sh1tty jobs? Do you know a non-sh1tty job?

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Best answer: A job is what you make of it.

What's wrong with having a career that makes me happy?

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I'm a gay male. Having a career in mind that makes me happy is my top priority. I would love to work at a flower-shop and/or sell candles for a living. The problem is, florists are paid peanuts. Statistics show, 8 in 10 homes buy candles but it would be hard for me to market myself. I don't know... show more

Does selling things online count as work experience?

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Best answer: Your brother needs to tell his parents to butt out. First, it's none of their business. Second, it's too late to go back to school & earn a PhD in one or another science.

I used to like my job but now I hate it, what should I do?

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I work part time at a grocery store while I am in college. I was hired at this grocery store about a year ago as a cashier and thats all I have done there the whole time I have been with the company. Recently a customer got mad at me because I forgot to use her coupon that she gave me to use for her. She somehow... show more

I worked at this fast food restaurant as a server for a week and I'm trying to apply for other jobs right now but when I put down the recent jobs I've worked, I don't know if I should put that I worked as a server??

If you could choose a new job/career all over again, what would you choose?

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Realistic careers/jobs please. Not rock star, famous actress etc...

Was this employer up to no good?

6 answers · Food Service · 20 hours ago
Best answer: If they serve until 10, it's unlikely that the last customer leaves much before 11. If it's a busy restaurant, it wouldn't be unusual for the dishwasher and cleaning up to go to midnight. They probably have a hard time filling those hours.

Parents want me to get a job but refuse to give me some necessary information?

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My parents have been hounding me to get a job. However, every single application I've been able to get asks for my Social Security Number. I tried to bring one back without it on there and they wouldn't take it. Anyway, I've asked my parents if I could have the card to copy the number onto... show more

Why is America like this? No one cares anymore?

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These days, you need 2 Bachelor's degrees, 10 years experience and have won the Nobel-Prize just to earn above minimum-wage. I also asked my family and they said trades like flower-design, candle-making, jewelry-making do not earn enough to live on. How pathetic. That's not right. Why can't... show more

I’m stuck in life?

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I’m only 18 but I already kinda feel like my life is going to waste. I work a ten hour job with my dad, and when the paycheck comes in, majority of the money goes to the bills. I can barely save up money for college or even a new car. I feel like my true ambitions are tangled up in the starting stage of adulthood.... show more

How to become a supervisor?

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How do people become supervisors at work? There's this 23 years old girl at my work and she's a supervisor! Wth?

What career pays the most?

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Doctors get paid a lot, sure. But the years of school, massive amounts of debt, continuous studying, and people constantly second guessing you makes it undesirable for some. What career pays the most?


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I just started this job 3 weeks ago and we had a company party at a bar somewhere. Open bar for 4 hours, food, games. As soon as I got there my friends ordered me a drink that is called the m.f. Then I switched to Corona and then kept drinking and drinking. I had a cigar which messed me up because I've never... show more

Can failure to provide a transcript cause you to not get the job?

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I applied for a job that required an official transcript. I did not have one but I attached an unofficial copy instead. The unofficial copy did not document whether I had received my degree. I was still selected for an interview with that unofficial copy but after the interview she told me that while I interviewed... show more

How do you find a job, or where do you look for one?

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