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I'm planning on attending a concert tomorrow night at this venu that's across from a McDonalds, so it would be very convenient if I was to park there to say the least. The issue that I would like to address is not knowing whether or not there will be consequences for me deciding to leave my car there for... show more

Abs light was on now is not on?

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Best answer: I was afraid too, but my dad said - look at the people who drive school buses.....usually little old ladies - how hard could driving a car be? Perspective is everything - just do it - practice and you will feel better about your abilities.

Looking for a driving job that doesn't need a cdl.

I'm a relatively new driver about 5 weeks. Today I was using clutch control up a hill waiting for traffic lights to change. As the light turned green my foot was on the accelerator revving quite high as I always panicky on hills, and I think my foot was a little too high on the clutch, so as I slowly took my... show more

Why are modern cars so ugly?

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How can I get that mustang sound?

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Best answer: Usually installing a balance tube (H-pipe) to the exhaust system gets you the old muscle car sound. An X-pipe makes a different sound.

I don't know if it matters but I am from Florida.

Best answer: OHV NASCAR 427 ................

Best answer: Yes, air pumps, EGR valves, PCV valves started late 1960s on some vehicles.

My employer won t let me use there truck and trailer, do I need to find something that matches exactly what I ll eventually be driving or can I bring any ol truck and trailer?

When it rains here the roads are an absolute disaster. My morning commute of 30 mins turns into an hour or sometimes even 2 hours. Cars are in ditches, accidents at intersections because people slide through on a red light. A few months back there was a 15 car pile up on a bridge which grid locked half the city... show more