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It seems like just about all cars nowadays are either front or all wheel drive, what about rear wheel drive? Can I still buy a RWD car?

So you know when you make one of those turns where you have to turn onto traffic and it’s based on your best judgement for when its the right time to make the turn because there is oncoming traffic. What if there is a car opposite from you that is waiting to turn into traffic and that car is blocking your view of... show more

I've read that with catalytic converters it's impossible

Best answer: Dog tracking happens when the center of the front steering spindles are each not exactly the same distance from their respective rear axle centers. This can be corrected. On vehicles with a solid rear axle, like you truck has, the axle has to be repositioned so the spindle/axle measurement on both sides are... show more

I am looking at the Detroit car show and gm and ford are really pushing electric and self driving cars. I am wondering how most people will pay for one of these cars.

Ok I know this is probably a really stupid question (I'm a total noob) but I have to ask. So my car has 3 modes...eco, standard and sport. When I hit sport my whole dash flips (it's all digital) and displays a digital boost gauge. It's a whole different feel. If I have the pedal depressed to a certain... show more

Best answer: You can try walking a one way 22 mile commute to work.

Best first car?

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Best answer: Good for you, or good for the dogs? Nothing for both. Jeeps are unreliable. Mini Cooper is too small for your purpose and they have a bad reliability record too. Try out a Honda Element or Fit, or Toyota Rav 4, or Volvo station wagon, or Subaru Forster. Shop and test drive to see what you can handle.

Best answer: Very, very few cars, with the exception of mail trucks, have the steering wheel on the right hand side. Yes it is legal.

Best answer: Even if you COULD find a car that drives itself, it won't take you every place you want to go. MOST autonomous vehicles STILL need a licensed adult sitting behind the wheel to take over control when the car leaves the main highway and drives on rural or residential streets.

So a couple of days ago my mom got into a car accident (she got rear ended on the highway) and her car got towed away by some random tow truck. The dude told her he s going to hold her car in their yard and she should call her insurance company to come and pick up the car from their yard. The insurance company... show more

I think I've got what it takes to become one of those guys that wears a lab suit and creates ideas for cars and what not & recently came up with a few inventions, drew them out and wrote descriptions of their operation and purpose etc but I'm reluctant to just crop up to a major car manufacturer and go... show more

So, I have been hit by cars and just in general being trapped in an explosive tin can going 50-100 miles per hour is really not safe. I avoid it as often as I can and as a result I am 30 without a drivers license. I have been looking at getting one just to have it so jobs will finally hire me. But if I can just... show more