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The roads seem to be getting smaller and smaller as do car parks

Best answer: Looking at your comments on "y"'s answer.... 1. The light will not drain your battery. 2. You cannot explain anything to an idiot that will not listen to reason. You can say "yes dear" and leave the light bulb out. Or you can divorce him.

I'm learning how to drive and this is something I'm having trouble with. Sometimes, I drive too close to the curb and I drift left and right in my lane. How do I stay in the center of my lane without drifting?

Just looking for alternative possible solutions. I'm a loner do no friends to ask?

Best answer: EASY 101 Electric motors develop 100% of their potential torque starting at 1 RPM. A gasoline engine doesn't. It has to be running at higher RPM's to do that.

Passing the road test tips?

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Hi, I would like to know some tips on passing the road test. I've received my permit last year but I haven't touched the manual due to a hectic schedule from job, graduate classes, and dance classes. My schedule is a little lighter now so I'm thinking of getting a driver's license over this summer.... show more

Best answer: Although it may have arrived into the distribution center, it still has to be routed to your area delivery structure. It may arrive tomorrow or possibly Saturday at this point!

Best answer: No matter how much work you do on the inside to convert it into a motor home, a shipping container going down the road is still going to look like a shipping container. Even if you could somehow convert it into something that was driveable, the weight of the thing would be enormous, and you probably wouldn't... show more

How do I change my short bed (5 foot something) to a 6ft 6inch bed and will there need to be any from changes to my truck. I’m not trying to go to an 8ft bed bc I know the frame for that size is much larger than my short bed.

Best answer: I think it would make a lot more sense to just buy an old school bus and convert it to a motor home. Just rip out the seats, build a kitchen and throw a bed in the back and you've got it made.

Best answer: Only if you can manage to earn more than $98 per day.

Best answer: The way to pass is to read the Highway Code. The questions are no longer published online in order to prevent idiots learning the questions rote and then passing the test with bugger-all knowledge.

I have to drive a bit to work every day and am trying to figure what my Honda Civic should get in gas mileage. Do you have any input? If I find out I am getting 25 mpg for mixed driving conditions; am I too low for a Honda Civic?

Studying in San Diego over the summer and I need a car to commute from home to school for only a few months. I am under 21 so renting a car seems to be out of the picture. Any ideas?

It stays on even when I turn the ignition off and take the key out.