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I accidently cleared my cars codes with my obdII scanner. I found problem codes that are now gone. Will my mechanic know what to fix on my car still?

1979 300d mercdes?

9 answers · 21 hours ago
Bought a car for 1000 decent shape problem I have is when I start the car in the morning I have to press the pedal I changed all filters etc that I saw ran sea foam in it and is there a way i can make it a lil faster it's so cat can out run me please help

Whats wrong with this car?

7 answers · 12 hours ago
My daughter just got a 2008 Ford Escape. She called me panicking because she said smoke was coming from her tire. It's the brakes, but she thought it was a tire. She took it back to the shop and they told her it was okay to drive to work the next day just to keep an eye on it. Of course they told her that. They... show more

I left my lights on last night and now my battery is dead. However when hooked up to jumper cables it has no signs of life. I’ve never had this happen. Any thoughts?

Best answer: There is no "too much driving". You bought a vehicle to get you around so just enjoy the ride!

Is bad to brake while in gear?

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So I was driving in a manual car at 15mph not fast and some retard speeds infront of me and I brake my car stalled and idk I just wanna know is it bad for the car

I just want to ask a question about engine oil. I only have a bit of engine oil left in my car and I check the level of the oil with the dipstick. I see no oil on the stick but when i start the car. There is still left on the dipstick so do you think it safe to drive? Driving 1 hour to work and 1 hour back. The... show more

My engine has been sitting with the cylinder heads off for 6 months, all the oil was drained so it was sitting without oil. Im going to put back the heads...camshafts etc. Should I use regular 10w30 oil to lubricate while Assembling it back together? A mechanic told me "no problem, just smear oil with you... show more

My truck is a 1998 Chevy k1500 5.7 5 speed. Here lately it's been really hard to physically get it into gears, whether it be reverse or 1-5 driving, it's always a pain to go in gear. It almost feels like I'm trying to go in gear without the clutch. Reverse grinds but the rest are just super resistant... show more

Best answer: Park in one of the service bays or visitor spaces and report to the service desk. Don't use a main dealer unless your car is still in warranty.

Passenger airbag off?

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Best answer: You can try; Disconnecting the battery, removing the 4 bolts holding the seat to the floor, then tilt the seat back and squeeze and slightly twist the electrical connections under there, bolt the seats back, reconnect the battery and see if the light goes out. Sometimes those connections loose their perfect... show more

Best answer: If you take a year of auto mechanics classes at a community college, that might prepare you to maintain a 1960's Cadillac, but they were hard to work on when new. They have all kinds of automatic stuff that was a ton of trouble. The only reason you might need to add power steering is if its power steering... show more

I have a 2009 Mazdaspeed3 and yesterday my oil pressure light came on. So I checked the oil as soon I turned off the car and o had very little oil. But 20 minutes later after I shut off the car I had oil to the max line. So I took it to the shop and they stated that the seal of the camshaft had to be replaced and... show more