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Could it just be the battery cable and the starter is fine? How do they even know?

So I need to get a new wheel barring for my car and I want to know an estimate on about how much I’ll be spending. I don’t have a high paying job, I work at a grocery store so I am kinda worrying. Also if anyone knows how much new shocks are too that would be great! Thank you

instead of having the switch on auto i put it on and i turned off my car and locked it i woke up the next day and the parking lights were still on i then realized it was cause i had the switch on. could leaving the orange parking lights on overnight do any harm to the car?

Tire pressure light won’t go off.?

11 answers · 3 hours ago
I went to the dealership a couple days ago. My tire pressure light came on and they dealt with it. So here I am a few days later, the tire pressure light came on last night. I inspected my tires. There’s nothing there that could have punctured my tires. It’s also cold here in California like mid 60s during the... show more

Work vehicle windshield cracked while I was in car wash and my boss is saying I must had the defrost on high and the cold water cracked it. Is this possible?

The positive terminal keeps turning white or light blue color, and needs to be scrapped off every week or so. I tried sanding it but it keeps turning white blue color with chalk-like deposits. Whats the reason and solution to prevent oxidization ?

Slow leak on car tire?

11 answers · 17 hours ago
I m waiting to get my tire repaired but today is an oil change and they rotate the tires It s on the rear on the car which is a rear wheel drive mustang. Would it be better to rotate it to the front ?

I recently received a not on my windshield telling me that my loud exhaust had woken up people in my building and the building next to me... Can they 'really' force me to spend 2 grand on an exhaust system on my 19 yr old car????? Really????

My friend that’s working on it ( he know about cars). Told me it’s more things wrong with it that’s going to need fixing. Grant it the head and the a.c don’t work.but it does drive. Also you make a left turn or sharp turn it clicks by the wheel. It’s a 2004 Nissan xterra with 139,000 miles. I will have about $7,000... show more

How do I get rid of all the remains of the old one?? Can I take the box that the water goes in out to empty and put back in? Or do I have to keep overflowing it with the hose and rinse it out?

When she turns the hazard lights off, no problem starting the car. She refuses to believe the hazards blinking are the cause of this difficulty. Couldn't find anything on internet.

Can any light bulb fit with any car?

10 answers · 18 hours ago
Like if my fog lights are H16, could I use a different one? Like for example, an H11?

Best answer: No - that is what ABS is for. It just allows you retain steering control during very hard braking.

It’s a 2001 Ford Focus what could be wrong?

Or a starter problem? I turn the key and all I hear is a sound like a typical electric sound. The car is a 1981 Fox Body Mustang. Engine won't turn over. The headlights worked but the interior "seatbelt" indicator lights sometimes fail to turn on now.