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I am 25 and am learning to drive. The car is in my name and I have car insurance through my parents plan for at least another year. Is it ok for me to learn to drive with a friend that is over 21 that has a valid driver's licenses? If I was to get in an accident would the insurance company drop me/us since I... show more

Obviously I don t want to be flagged for insurance fraud, but I m just wondering if there is a grey area for this type of issue.

I know that it insures you in case of an accident but how does the price of car insurance differ from each car

My husband owns a body shop and a old coworkers brother left his truck there to hide because they’re searching for it. We have made numerous attempts for them to remove the car. Nothing has happened. We live in the SFV, California. Please help.

So I went to take my permit test today and passed but when I took my picture didnt smile and looked like a mugshot. and people(family members) are going to ask to see it soon but ill be too embarrassed. When will I be able to retake my picture :-(.

I bought a car about a month ago and just last week an older lady rear ended me. Not too hard, a slight dent but mostly just deep scratches. Her insurance company is now mailing me a check for about $850 to repair the damages and they're gonna put me in a rental while it's in the shop. Do I need to prove to... show more

We’re both adults and she has her learners permit she can’t afford any driving classes so I offered to teach her with my car. What happens if she crashes the car or if she gets stopped by the police? Am I liable? I have insurance for me and my car but she doesnt.

Bought a 2006 mustang gt and it was too much of a beast for someone thats a ******. I was riding around with temp tags and didnt register the vehicle in my name yet. Do i still need to register the vehicle and pay taxes?

Car crash?

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What happens if someone turns into a lane not knowing someone is there and the person that was already in the lane brakes and ends up getting hit by the car behind them. The car of the person changing lanes didn’t get hit and didn’t stop. What happens now?

I was in a pedestrian accident a few months ago. I hired a lawyer to open a claim on the insurance company immediately. A few months in and I find out they don’t actually have insurance (it wasnt in effect when i was hit) and my lawyer cant do much else. I came to understand that if they were uninsured, then my... show more

Best answer: Sometimes it is cheaper to insure a classic, another thing that may help is if your parents own the car and you are named as a driver. Take a drivers ed course

Will my insurance drop me?

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I was recently in an accident, resulting in me hitting a woman in the back. Neither of our cars were damaged, only a scratch. Apparently the woman has an injury and is allowing my insurance to pay. Will this result in my insurance to drop me?

For example, like when you tap another car and it only leaves a tiny scratch that can be easily covered up with cheap touch up paint

This is a completely dumb question but can I go to the MVD to register my car and get my license together or do I have to go two separate times?