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Best answer: It depends on the condition of the impala. I'd say one in perfect condition would go for about 10 thousand.

Maintainable sports car?

10 answers · 21 hours ago
Out of any under $70k, which is the easiest or cheapest to maintain?

Can you back out of a car deal?

13 answers · 2 days ago
I went into a car dealer to look at a car. My credit is currently frozen because I was hacked by Russians so the car dealer wasn’t able to pull any of my credit except my credit score. I can’t apply for loans or anything without unfreezing my credit. Anyways, I talked to the finance manager about a car I really... show more

Because the car have now is a pain in the *** and I'm not really wanting to deal with it anymore due to Mechanical and electrical issues that I did not know about in the beginning I want to get rid of it just letting it be repo and just let me get another car but I don't know if that's the best option... show more

I want to find out info on financing a car without credit they offered a program nocredit checks I want out of the con tract can I get them to pick up the car do voluntary repo

Best answer: Holden car company is now sourcing cars and parts from all over the world (as of 2017), while they likely have far more dealerships for mechanical support I would wait a few years and see how their reliability ratings pan out. Kia is a constantly improving auto company - so I would likely be inclined toward the Kia... show more

I thought they are the same thing. She says it's renting a car.

I have only just pssed my test so this will be my first car, i dont no anything about cars! It has a mot for another 8 months, she has some mot history, she has a v5c form for it, what else do I need to no about the car? It’s a 2004 micro, just over 100,000 miles, selling for £699, been checked by a mechanic when... show more

The dmv wants to look at my car?

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The dmv wants to loook at my car in California? I know there looking for the vin but what other stuff are they looking for? I gutted the whole in side of the car the car but left the dash in place with the vin still attached. Is it a red flag if I have a roll cage in the car with out the door bars? Or does it... show more

The car I have now has a loan against it which is worth more than the trade in value of the car by about $5000. If me and a family member were BOTH looking to lease a new car (so 2 new cars), does anyone know if a dealership will be working to work with me in any way? Also the cars looking to be leased are not... show more

Should I voluntarily repo my car?

7 answers · 5 days ago
So i was recently in the hospital and due to my stay there I lost my position at my job and I lost my job. I found another one, but it's no where near as much pay. I sold my home because I no longer was able to afford it, but the tricky part is now getting rid of my car. I made some dumb decisions in my past... show more

Best answer: 2019 Dodge: Challenger 2-dr Sedan, Charger 4-dr Sedan. 2019 Ford: Fiesta Focus Fusion Taurus 4-dr Sedans, the Mustang is a 2-dr Sedan. 2019 Chevy: Cruze, Malibu, Impala 4-dr Sedans. Etc.. Ignore the idiots writing in magazines.

Buying car from auction?

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So I’ve never bought an auction car from another state, I’ve got close friends that could fix up a car but I’m a little confused on the process. If I buy one what would be the steps after I get the car shipped out? Should I fix it right away? Get the plate first? Insure it first?