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Best answer: Ideally, when you can pay cash in full. Beyond that, the last day of the month/Last day or the year even better. But the last part assumes you are a very good negotiator and you are buying from a dealer. Most people are not and should not.

Hi all. Right now I can score a 2013 Chrysler 300, AWD, loaded, with the 3.6L V6 for $7k from a dealership. Only problem is that it has 187k on it. Do they typically last longer than that or should I pass?

Trading in financed car?

16 answers · 3 days ago
I have a 2016 Hyundai with 35k miles. I still owe $14,500 on the car. Is it possible to trade the car in for instance, a $9,000 used Honda, without owing money? My goal is to eliminate monthly car payments.

Have you ever sold someone a bad car?

8 answers · 15 hours ago
I sold this old woman a car that I know was bad lol. The car was in a flood and it never operated properly after that. I never reported the damage because I only had liability on it, so I still had an original title. She paid me 7k for a car that I couldn’t get 2k for it. The airbags are inoperative and I think the... show more

I still owe $5,000 on a car that is only worth $4,200. It’s a Chevy sonic and has 155k mileage. Is it better to let the credit union take my car when I file and just buy a used car in cash to save money between the loan payment and high priced car insurance (I live in Michigan) in the long run?

I think the price of trucks are getting absolutely ridiculous. 30k for a used truck with 50-70k miles. YOURE INSANE!!! I just want a truck for hauling wood/driving on dirt roads for hunting but I want something reliable. Seems impossible to find something in the 10-15k range. Financing will never be an option I... show more

That website had affordable cars I want to know if they legit has anyone bought a car of there it isn’t a scam and how does payment works? I’m rating all answers....

I'm buying a Camaro and i'm just very indecisive on which one to buy,

my first and latest auto loan was a total loss and there remains 719 due to a defered payment and a deductible..which I don't understand. but anyway. its keeping me from getting approved! and I need a GOOD car asap. I drive lyft full time in a rental right now, stuck doing that as I have a job and a car but it... show more

Car Getting Repo?

13 answers · 7 days ago
Long story short. My dad said his home girl was looking to take over payments on one of my cars (Impala) She meeded a 2nd car We wrote up a Contract and got it Notarized and She been making the payments strong for like 3 months. Now she dont really be replying to me 2 months late on payments now The bank steady... show more

Cosign three car?

10 answers · 6 days ago
im planing to buy a new car but no credit. My dad just bought a car and also cosign my brother, is it possible he could cosign me also? Is there a limit

I still owe $2.5k and I want to sell it for $9k. Do I have to come up with the $2.5k for the payoff amount before selling the truck or can I get them to give the title to the buyer and they take 2.5k out of the 9k?

Can I finance a car at 18?

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If there was a possibility of getting approved and I financed a $9000 car and I’m putting $4500 down and my insurance wouldn’t be a problem I’m able to pay it my family is stable enough and offered