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Best answer: Having a networth in the 6+ figure range makes you "rich" owning an over priced vehicle makes you foolish for wasting 💲 money!

Back in the 1970s and 1980s the Japanese cars did in fact surpass the American cars in reliability and quality and thus it led to Americans buying more Japanese Toyotas and Hondas.. however in recent years the American cars such as Chevrolet and Ford have matched and even surpassed Japanese cars.. but the... show more

I purchased a jeep 2 weeks ago at the dealership. I have signed all the paperwork and put in my down payment. At that time, they told me it was at the port on May 24. Two weeks later(now), they still have no idea when the car is going to arrive. What options do I have here besides waiting?

Should a buy a new car or lease?

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If you are a teenager and you want to get a car and you had a choice to buy a 90's honda vehicle or a newer car but you would have to lease it and pay a monthly fee hoping you make enough to pay it off monthly which would you choose. I want to buy a car so I could feel good and call it my own, if I lease it... show more

I have a car that I still owe quite a bit of money on, about 18000. But I really need a bigger vehicle for kids, so I want to trade it in. I know about negative equity, but does the trade-in value of my current vehicle get subtracted from the price of the vehicle I want to get? So if I owe 18000 and my cars worth... show more

Hi, I’ve recently discovered, through trying to sell my car that it was a category C write off before I even owned it. The car was a graduation present to me so never even thought to background check a present. Me and my parents are rightly annoyed, but it was a private sale when they got it me and there isn’t... show more

I'm not talking about the silly money supercars or anything like that, but like how previous generations thought the hot hatch Golf GTIs and Fiesta XR2 were cool in the 80s, or the Renault Clios and Peugeot 106 Aztecs in the 1990s. What is the current cool car to go bombing around industrial estates in?

There s a vehicle selling for $7800 with only 112,000. The owner of the vehicle has mentioned he put almost $7,000 into the car in the last two years for maintenance and have all maintenance record and car fax on him. He also emailed me saying he was planning on keeping the vehicle for a long time, but... show more

Hi I recently bought a car on finance 6 days ago, it took them 4 days to be able to release the car to me and give me a call to collect,when I did I noticed the engine management light was on and it was in limp mode a fault they supposedly fixed before I came to pick up, o told them I don't want the car if... show more

I wanna buy a car but I’ve never had insurance so I’m expecting this cost a lot since I’m a male and I’m 20, I wanted to save my money and get out with a large amount in my savings but I was told if I just buy a car now and over time my insurance will go down over time so it’ll be afordable in the next year and... show more

Found a car on offerup to buy for myself. He wanted $2500 we negotiated to $2000 even, we met up in a parking lot test drove the car and everything was fine. Paid for the car today and he drove the car back to my house because I had no one to drive it back for me. The car has Pennsylvania tags, but a New Jersey... show more

Best answer: You have to ask yourself what you actually want. Do you want to outright own your car? Or do you want a brand new car every couple of years? If you want a new car every couple years then the way to go would be lease, provided you don't do a whole lot of driving. They usually have about a 12,000 mile per... show more

Are there any options avaliable that i can get a different car or something. I put 4500 down as a down payment for a 2015 toyota camry with accident history and i wasnt notified.

So I have a 2nd generation jimny and I know it’s like a samurai and mine is right hand drive. I’m thinking about bringing it to the states and selling it to a collector or hunter or farmer. I know one person that already wants it but not sure what I should be asking for it. Has less than 100k miles on it and... show more

What is the best first car?

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I'm saving up for my first car and I have always liked mini coppers. Would you say mini coopers are better than a fiat 500 for a first car? And any other suggestions for a really good first car Thanks x