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Who is the artist behind this work?

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What do you think of this painting?

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It's by Chaim Soutine...

There is a girl I sometimes talk to, we are not really friends but talk once in a while. She has seen some of my photography work and liked it. I took photography class in high school and some what in college but in college it's more like "you have to know what your doing, and were only here to guide... show more

This would include nude poses where the model poses with legs open in a sitting, laying and squatting position... along with bending over and raising legs up where the genitalia is clearly visible and even appearing to be intentionally shown to the camera with no sexual activity and nothing sexual implied.

Does purple is like a full color? Or halve?

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Are you an artist of any sort?

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Best answer: Pro design and manufacturing, brick and mortar in our 36th year. Artist, yes. I call what pays the bills more like design, though.I do more eloquent things when I like but they rarely sell.

Which girl do you notice first?

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Should I try writing with my left hand again?

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Best answer: Try using your left hand. I once had a student who was naturally left-handed but forced to use his right. I had him try writing with the left hand and he found it much easier. In addition the legibility was significantly better.

Well, they re not really selfies, just pictures of me posing. I can even see that a person DM d one of the pictures of me to someone else. I don t bookmark pictures of people or anything so I m not sure why people do this. I m not creeped out, I just find it odd.

Best answer: Pretty good. I'm an artist, so I know art. Keep at it, Dude, you'll get even better, to surprize yourself, too. My biggest mistake was to give up painting a little too soon. I wish I'd stayed at it, so YOU TRY YOUR BEST TO STAY AT IT? (the round picture above is part of one of my paintings.)

Can you tell me your opinion of this?

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How to stop being sad?

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Best answer: Do not draw to satisfy your friends and acquaintances, draw to satisfy yourself. If you enjoy the process and the result what more could you need?

Best answer: If the artist is long dead, over 70 years, such as Caravaggio, then his paintings are out of copyright so you can make copies. But all the same you must make it clear that they are copies and not originals and that is allowed to make copies as they are not forgeries. For a living artist there are copyright problems... show more

Can I draw people with no face?

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Best answer: Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, It is forbidden in Islam for people to draw/create statues/etc of things that contain souls such as animals and humans. The Islamic scholars state that you can draw these creatures (i.e. humans) if they are drawn in a way that doesn't represent them being alive,... show more

Best place online to sell used photography equipment?

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Is this a good photo?

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Is this a good photo? What are your thoughts on the photo?