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Best answer: No, but that's what it means to live in a gynocentric society like we live in.

Or, are only women’s studies classes allowed to include discussions of women

Best answer: I do field interviews for the company I work for. If a woman tells me they are a feminist I recommend we don't hire them. They see sexism everywhere and are just looking for a reason to sue. They also tend to be lazy and inept.

What would the role of men be in a feminist society?

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Would they be delegated to do blue collar and military work? What would they do?

Do you have any problem with women breastfeeding in public?

38 answers · Gender Studies · 2 days ago
Best answer: I have no problem with it. ...but appreciate some attempt to be discreet about it at least.

Best answer: I’m sure the IRS wouldn’t complain if these women paid themselves and reported the income.

Are women gold diggers nowadays?

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Best answer: "Yes." That's the answer you wanted to see, right? I'm sure you will find another yes-man in Gender Studies to agree with whatever you say about women.

Is the women only area in the gym a bit sexist?

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Best answer: It’s much easy to get an easy degree, get an easy job and complain, than it is to get a hard degree, a demanding job and earn more.

Best answer: There is no difference except one is discrimination by sex and the other discrimination by race.

Does healthcare in the U.S. have a gender bias?

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Best answer: We spend far more on women’s cancer research than men’s, despite the fact more more men die of prostrate cancer than women die of breast cancer. Women by law have more covered services and have higher claims, but can’t be charged correspondingly higher premiums. We have a bureau of women’s health to focus on... show more

Working in a flower shop with Social Anxiety Disorder?

14 answers · Psychology · 2 days ago
My whole life I have had severe social anxiety and I tried working as a Casheir at a fast food place to overcome it, however I am still extremely socially awkward and had a hard time there although I tried my very best. I would like a job more fitting for someone like me, where I can grow but also not be... show more

Why should men stick around when he gets a woman pregnant?

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Look at silverback gorillas. They do whatever they want. The silverback is the TRUE alpha male. Every man should look at their behaviour and emulate what they do in order to be a REAL MAN!!

After considering the lyrics I can understand why radio stations would consider the song to be creepy and reflective of sexism , but I also think the correlation between that song and encouraging or normalizing sexism is a little far fetched?

Best answer: The difference is a stay at home spouse typically lives off their partner’s income. Someone who is retired typically lives off their own retirement income. As you said, either way one’s home needs cleaning and maintenance.

Am I right to not trust people?

11 answers · Psychology · 2 days ago
I generally do not trust others. I feel like most people are exploitive and manipulative so I usually stay on my guard. I feel like the world is a bad place. Am I generalizing or am I right?