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I'm not a neo Nazi and I think everything that happened was absolutely terrible. I was just wondering if reading and watching heaps about these topics is unhealthy.

Best answer: He committed suicide and yes I remember where I was. When I heard about it I was at work. I heard about it on the radio from one of the local rock stations. I didn't care then and I still don't care now.

Its seems as though Northerners aren't as eager to do living history exhibits or reenactments

Best answer: Isaacc Newton

Best answer: From about 1650 to 1750. Roughly the reign of Louis XIV.

Best answer: Yes

Best answer: as of 2009 No proof that Hitler Died in the Bunker but there are since the collapse of the USSR statements that Hitler and Eva were alive on the First of May have emerged from some of the Original so called Witnesses read on Different versions of Hitler's fate were presented by the Soviet Union according to... show more

Best answer: To be convicted of murder you don't have to necessarily do it yourself. He was convicted of murder by a court of law. I would trust that more than some random internet post.

Best answer: No, Bin Laden is dead, killed by Seal 6, the American special forces.

Did Julius Caesar ever visit Rome?

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Best answer: He was assassinated in the Senate!

Best answer: The United States did not win in Viet Nam, so history books should not say that it did.

Best answer: There was the Tet Offensive where North Vietnam sent their regular troops south in a big push to win the war. We clobbered them totally. The war was more or less over, we won. But liberals snatched defeat out of the teeth of victory and used the fact that the North could even launch the Tet as proof we were... show more

Best answer: Lincoln was determined to "let them up easy," as he put it so Ulysses Grant. It is reasonable to assume that he would have had the stature required to contain the radical Republicans who wanted the South crushed and Jefferson Davis hanged. The extremists like Seward and Chase wanted sturm unt drang,... show more