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Why do racists exist?

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Best answer: The ‘70s is from 2070-2079, so it hasn’t happened yet.

A "philosophical meaning" to life ?

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Best answer: He believed that the “highest stage of consciousness as the highest ideal” and that mankind’s ability to think and create something from nothing is the greatest thing that we can do. Albert E.

Is life a test?

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My thoughts have changed, I realized how cruel we are to eachother within our human race and also with animals and nature.. we are all created as equals every living thing should be as valuable as the next living thing humans are NO better... don’t you agree?

Every idle or un-idle moment is another moment toward the death of everyone living now. That no matter how you occupy yourself or distract or divert; this fundamental truth of biological fate awaits.

I kinda want to shoot myself?

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When you look at today’s political climate, people are debating back and forth about politics. In reality there’s no such thing as right or wrong everything’s perception. Some people view trump as evil and terrible and some view him as a hero, it isn’t ignorance it’s perception. Each individual percieves things... show more

The potential meaning of life?

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Could the potential meaning of life be sacrifice. Before you coment think about it and then respond

Best answer: They're all dead, so there's not much you can do now.

I feel like I have no purpose?

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Best answer: Here is my take on it. You are at the beginning and life is a journey, so there is so much you can do with it. I think you should continue music because it is what makes you happy, and even if you do not end up succeeding at it, you will always have that thing that makes you happy and helps you get through hard... show more