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You'd think they'd be religious holy relics, like the "True Cross" or the so-called Shroud of Turin. (I mean, if you can venerate a bloody burial shroud, surely you can venerate a blanket with a little baby-doo on it.)

Who invented the toilet?

6 answers · 7 hours ago
Best answer: I believe the person who invented the flushing toilet was called Thomas Crapper. Hence the term 'I am going for a Crap'.

My friend at school told me that the key to getting in my girlfriend's parent's good graces is to tell the mom that she looks like a famous celebrity, since I was nervous about meeting her parents. But that didn't work.

Best answer: They're there if you refuse to crush those cans. Either you crush them on your head yourself or I'll crush them on your head for you.

What happend to the stationary?

4 answers · 2 days ago

Best answer: I can’t give you a reason why you shouldn’t. However I could give you a million reasons why you should.

Best answer: From the early 90's I remember no internet, no cell phones and no GPS. And in many respects life was better because of it.

Best answer: coffee shop possibly offers all different kinds of coffees along with some simple desserts/snacks A cafe offers meals, is pretty casual, while offering casual fare as well.

All women must be skinny. Agree?

14 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Skinny, hell yes. Anorexic is something else and it's too bad others need to vilify healthy hot skinny pieceofass for being 'anorexic' - when that is something else all together. Skinny is hot. Fat be ugly.

Could Rutger beat Clemsons?

5 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: I find it rather funny that you put Rutger, when it's RUTGERS and put Clemsons when it's CLEMSON. Since you named two colleges that don't exist they probably could. Now could Rutgers beat Clemson? Sure they could. I mean App State beat Michigan that opening game years back. Boise St won that Fiesta Bowl... show more