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Best answer: Wild

How would you answer the phone after an interviewer calls and asks: Phrase 1: “Hi, am I speaking with Edward?” Phrase2: “Hello this is Macy from “pacsun”, is this “Edward?” To this day, I still don’t know if saying “this is he” or “yes, this is he”, etc. sounds more appropriate.

Which word is correct?

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Best answer: "I saw the two boys streak down the road on their bicycles." That is how I would say it in Britain. Americans etc might have different ideas. Actually I would more likely use "streaking" rather than "streak". But however you want to form the start the sentence, you must use "on... show more

You're such a lovely person. Is this a nice thing to say abut someone?

A white american teacher said he left his country and come to my country which is vietnam to teach english for $15 an hour. He said that he doesn't like it here but he has to do it becuz teachers can't live well in USA Did the days that those asians were slave to us come to an end. Now USA teachers have... show more

Best answer: I was not prepared for the Battle of Arras or anything that was to come.

Best answer: Shut the F up!

Describe your day in one word?

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Best answer: Peculiar. Where it's kinda good and kinda bad. But extremely weird?

Whatever happened to Ronnie & Clyde?

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Best answer: Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. They were ambushed by police. Shot in their car. Look them up if you like bloody endings.

Obviously it s not like cousins or anything, but is there some kind of term we could use to describe ourselves or are we just friends and my aunt is married to her uncle?

Best answer: Smart is a word to describe people that are above average at stuff in general. Talented is a word to describe people that are insanely good at a subject in particular and it insinuates that they have a rare talent.

Does he need to have lunch before two o’clock? Does he need to have lunch after two o’clock? Does he need to have lunch after or before two o’clock? P.S. I am Brazilian, I am learning English.

Best answer: Not so much 'when' as 'where'. In Britain the versions with 's' are used, in the USA the versions with 'z'. I do not know spelling habits in other parts of the world-wide English-speaking world.