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Im a hairy man, and I don't care if its consisted manly, I personally don't like it and it feels nasty and dirty, IMO. And my muscle definition is much more visible when I shave. But I'm sick of shaving, and spending money on expensive razors. I can't get the cheap ones cuz they don't work,... show more

Best answer: There is nothing wrong with looking but don't stare like virgin newb in a strip club.

Pick a colour. Why did you pick that colour?

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So what is so bad about dying?

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Have you been to Walmart wearing an outlandish outfit?

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If so, what did you wear (or not wear)?

Modelling for university?

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I saw an ad for a modelling job at the University needing an Undraped Model. It said; model must be willing to pose undraped. What does this mean? I think I have a good figure and would like to try my hand at some modelling.

If sit is while sleeping would I have some sign that I'm being chocked or that I'm not getting enough oxygen??

Someone said this about me. I know it was supposed to be a compliment, but can't help but feel super depressed over it. What if someone said this about you. I know personality is more important, but I still want the looks too.

Is wearing a MAGA hat comparable to wearing a kkk hoodie?

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Anyone else afriad to cut their hair?

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Best answer: I was a little afraid to cut my hair because I wasn't sure if it would look good but I cut it last night and it actually looks pretty good haha. Plus even if I didn't like it, I know that it will always grow back :)

Best answer: I'm in my 50's,and I remember one of my sister's teachers wearing minidresses,and fishnet tights, the vice principal wore red lipstick there too,no one said a thing. Wear what makes you happy.If all they have is to complain about your lipstick,you are lucky

Do you think you're ugly, average, or beautiful?

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Be honest.

If the earth surface is curved then so should our shoes, right??? try answering that globetards!!!!

She always tell me how better she is than me because she is a brunnete and i am blonde blue eyed...she seems to hate very much blonde blue eyed girls especially me....

Are shirts that are chequered pattern ok to wear?

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For women??

What ethnicity does she look to you?

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Best answer: Indian or Hispanic

What does the color purple make you think of?

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Best answer: Purple is the most complex color and has the most associations. Purple is the color of royalty, power, sexuality, fantasy and the world of Fairy (not gays, Faerie).