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Best answer: Yes I miss him, I've been a fan all my life

Best answer: Yes and probably too many, but am a nostalgic person who can't let go of certain memories.

Best answer: Ali was far more honest and respectable. Even if Ali said something loathsome, you could at least know he was sincere.

Best answer: Rapper: Lil Wayne Singer: Rihanna

Best answer: It doesn't bother me one bit.

She’s 23!!! But she acts like she’s 13? Lol

Did Elvis die taking a dump?

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It's not that bad, he could have said woggle, coon or fast runner.

She said something racist and got what she deserved.

Best answer: Richard Burton's performance as Hamlet was one of the best to be done, ever. He was quite famous for it before the Taylor marriage etc. He is one of the finest actors I have ever seen and this man deserved a shelf full of Oscars but never won one. He was a ferocious reader, handsome and had a voice from God.

From my understanding it was started by the late George Michael, and that dude, (cant think of his name off hand), who played in the 80s show Miami Vice. Anyway I was just wondering why this style is still going so strong among men for now 30+ years, as opposed to say, a full beard?

Best answer: No. Dogs deserve better.