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Best answer: so do you have any interest in attending an art school in the future? if so, find one or two and discover what you have to do to get in.

Should I skip 8th grade?

8 answers · 2 days ago
I’m 13 years old in 7th grade, and am thinking about skipping a grade. I want to become a surgeon, and I know how much school it takes so I thought if I skipped a grade I could get a head start. I get all A’s and am already in Algebra 1, so I won’t have a hard time with the school part, but it’s the social... show more

Its my day off so i decided to get stoned.i watched the jungle book because i havent seen it since i was a kid and holy **** its dark.

Best answer: An AA degree is issued by an institution that teaches courses at a degree of difficulty greater than HS courses. In general the degrees go like: HS --> AA --> BA/BS --> MA/MS --> PhD the doctoral degree AA is two years BA/BS in two more years (four years altogether) MA/MS is two more year PhD is... show more

What is the big deal about a stupid diploma? Any idiot can get one! Some people who finish high school can barely read or write! A high school diploma means nothing! And what's with those ridiculous caps and gowns people wear during graduation??? Why does anybody have to wear a cap and gown? And why do we need... show more

Best answer: We had a fight in school just a few days ago. It was huge. I have an android phone, so I wasn't able to see the fight while everyone else got a video of it. Just go to school. More fights will go on in school. Don't act like it's the end of the world. Besides, one fight can always lead to another.

Best answer: Now what? Pack your bags. Boarding school isn't so bad.

Cursive handwriting?

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When i was in school i was taught to write is cursive, creating a signature was important, writing cheques was a big deal, knowing how to write when a computer breaks down was a big advantage. The kids that i’m training at work right now must only be a few years younger than me. They can’t read my cursive, the... show more

Should I do this?

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Best answer: If you think you can do it, then sure. Depends on how your school system works.

uhh skip to the end if u don't wanna hear my sob story lol I'm in my first semester of freshman year and I currently have a C average, although i do intend on bringing it up as high as I can, as soon as possible. I've been struggling with clinical depression a lot lately because my family can't... show more